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Chuck Welch (AKA Crackerjack Kid) is a Canadian mail artist who has been an active participant in the international mail art network since 1978. Welch is a Fulbright recipient (1976) and an NEA Hilda Maehling Fellow (1981) and has written extensively about mail art. Networking Currents was self-published by Welch in 1985 and remains a pioneering text about mail art subjects, issues, and the evolution of mail artists as networkers. In 1989 he came up with the concept N.E.O.N.I.C.S. - Networkers Ethe-real Open New Interconnected Communication Spirit. The University of Calgary Press published Welch's edition Eternal Network: A Mail Art Anthology in January 1995. Welch edits his mail art magazine Netshaker of which the newest issues are issued online.


Networking currents : contemporary mail art : subjects and issues. Boston :Sandbar Willow Press, 1986, c1985

Mail art ambassadors stamp album. [Boston, Mass. : s.n., 1984]

The Networker databank : exploring the role of the networker / by Chuck Welch. Hanover, NH : [C. Welch?, 1993?]

**Eternal network : a mail art anthology. Calgary : University of Calgary Press, 1995 N6494.M35 E83 1995 (Art Lib.)

Sources for obtaining more information about the artist:

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