Lon Spiegelman

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Lon Spiegelman (1941-2002) was an American mail artist and networker who initiated the concept called “Money & mail-art don't mix” stating that mail-art is non-commercial art and so can’t be bought or sold. He also coined the term “N-tity” with American mail artist Carlo Pittore, a term that refers to the spirit of networking and founded Spiegelmism Post. He was guest editor of Umbrella in the 1980s, a magazine originally started and edited by Judith A. Hoffberg.



Spiegelman’s mailart rag. Los Angeles, Calif. : [Spiegelman, 1983-] - (Periodical)

The fence is always browner on the other side of the grass : a book of Dalinographs / photographic drawings presented by Lon Spiegelman. Los Angeles : Spiegelman, 1970.

The sayings of poor Lon. Los Angeles : Spiegelman, c1975. – Artist Book

Lee’s alphabet : born this 23rd day of September, 1977, Lee H. Michael Spiegelman. Los Angeles, Calif. : L. Spiegelman, c1977. – Artist Book

California dada. Los Angeles, Calif. : L. Spiegelman, [c1980]

Calendar 1981 [S.l. : s.n.], c1980. – Artist Book

Help catalog : International mail-art show. [Los Angeles, California : Otis Art Institute, 1980] (organizer of exhibition)

Target earth / exhibition at Double Rocking G Gallery, Los Angeles, California, organized by Lon Spiegelman and Neal Taylor. Los Angeles, Calif. : L. Spiegelman, c1982. – Exhibition Catalog

To Susan Share. Los Angeles, Calif. : L. Spiegelman, c1982.

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