Ruggero Maggi

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Ruggero Maggi is an Italian artist who got involved with the mail art network in 1975. He had been involved in visual poetry starting in 1973. Since 1985 he has also been involved in chaotic art based on the study of chaos, fractals, entropy, etc. One of his projects entitled “United for the peace” was inspired by the Malvinas War. He worked with John Held on the Shadow Project to commemorate the Hiroshima Holocaust. About his AMAZON Archive, Maggi states “I decided to found an international archive dedicated to artistic projects and works about Nature in a general way and about Amazon in a specific one” ( ). According to Pierre Restany, “Truth is the fundamental criterion of Maggi’s aesthetics” ( ). His fanzine is entitled Playcare.


Amazonic trip : 1st International Mail Art show in Peru / organized by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú & Ruggero Maggi. [Lima] : Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, [1981]. – Exhibition Catalog

Xerolage #22. Madison, Wi. : Xerox Sutra Editions, [1985]- - Periodical

Gina for president : 1st review of the worldwide creative-correspondence concerning president's election 1988 / initiated by Ruggero Maggi, Mike Duquette, Joki Mail Apt. Minden : Joki Mail Apt, [1988?]

Caos italiano : [caotica arte ordinata scienza / a cura di Ruggero Maggi]. Milano : Milan Art Center, [1999] (curator) – Exhibition Catalog

Sources for obtaining more information about the artist:

Website: (beautifully designed with some images of various projects, but contains little information about Maggi or the projects besides the essay by Pierre Restany in the biography section.)

Janssen, Ruud. The Mail-Interview with Ruggero Maggi. 1994.

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