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Mail Art at Oberlin


The Oberlin College Mail Art Collection (housed in the Clarence Ward Art Library) consists of two large archives collected by Oberlin Artists:            
        Reid Wood's State of Being Archive

        Harley Francis' Terra Candella Achive

Together these archives contain over 25,000 works from the mid-1970's to 2004, produced by more than 1,800 mail artists from around the world.

The Oberlin Mail Art archive is largely unknown so thumbnails are important to identifying mail artists and using the crucial to understanding and using our two archives.  This website contains only a very small sample of the items in this hidden collection.   These sample works and the rest of the collection are available for viewing in the Art Library by appointment.



How can I see mail art pieces in from the Oberlin College collection in person?

First find the Mail Art piece(s) you'd like to see in our digital catalog and copy down the artist and title. Then, make an appointment with Barbara Prior to see the mail art.


Information About the Contributing Artists

Below is a list of artists who have contributed Mail Art pieces to our collection. Click on their name to see a biography of the artist, some publications in which their work has appeared, and where to find more work by that artist.






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