Course Offerings

Spring 2002

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 The ExCos are split into the following large categories:


Media Studies

Music, Theater, and Dance

Computers and Technology

Physical Activities and Games

Arts and Crafts

Social Issues

Do-It-Yourself and Practica





Accents 0-1 Credit

Clare Cira EXCO-301-01

An overview of basic English language phonetics and accent study. Includes study of the American/British Phonetic Alphabet, various accents spoken in America and Britain, and accent ideologies and myths (non-accent, standard accent). Class will meet once a week, with weekly writing assignments, occasional discussions, and a required final project. No previous knowledge of phonetics or the phonetic alphabet is expected or required.


Anna and the King of Siam: Modern Myth? 0-1 Credit

Mya Gosling EXCO-303-01

The story of Anna Leonowens and her time as a governess in the court of Siam (now Thailand) has been told and retold many times in Western literature and media. This ExCo course is centered around reading the diary of Anna Leonowens, comparing her accounts with the actual historical facts she writes about, and analyzing the discrepancies. Class will meet once a week for two hours, and will include reading the Leonowens diaries, attending screenings of the three related movies (Anna and the King of Siam, The King and I, Anna and the King), participating in discussions and writing two short papers on various aspects of the Leonowens accounts.



Applied Jewish Mysticism 0-1 Credit

Barya Schachter EXCO-302-01

The Jewish Mystical tradition provides a window into the inner dimensions of reality. The kabbalistic system outlines the essential nature of the universe, and Chasidic tradition developed the spiritual "technology" for meaningful transcendental experience. Drawing on traditional and modern sources, this course will examine the variety of Jewish mystical experience and will provide students with the basic tools and know-how to engage in further mystical exploration. Together, we will delve into the secret world of the esoteric and explore the hidden depths of our communal soul. No previous experience required.

Beginning Korean 0-2 Credits

Julie Kim EXCO-309-01


This is an elementary Korean language course designed to teach students the fundamentals of the Korean language. The emphasis will be on conversation and understanding of Korean culture.



Business Planning 0-2 Credits

Jon MacDonald EXCO-319-01

Business planning includes much more than just starting a business. Topics covered include marketing, finding funding for your startup, assembling a team, and presentation/branding of your product or service. Meant to fill the void of a business department at the College.



Buddhist Thought and Practice 0-1 Credit

Paul Swanson EXCO-316-01


This course provides an introduction to the history, philosophy, and practice of Buddhism. This is open to people of all religious backgrounds, provided they are sincerely interested in the teachings of Buddha. The course will be taught from a practitioner’s perspective and will meet 2 hours a week.



Castles: A Military and Social History 0-1 Credit

Morgan Franck EXCO-315-01


This course will explore the history of castles and life within them. Starting with the earthen ditch works of primitive Europe and moving up through the pinnacle of castle architecture in the 12th century to the demise and decay of castles in recent years, we will examine the defensive needs that drove innovations in castle architecture. We will also examine the culture that grew inside castles, from the beer-drinking, story-telling tradition of the great hall to the chivalrous, poetic tradition of the High Middle Ages, to the romanticized fantasies of the pre-Raphaelites.



Conversational French 0-1 Credit

Erin Wang EXCO-304-01


The focus of this course is French conversation, but other topics such as slang and culture will also be addressed. The goal is for students to speak comfortably about a number of subjects ranging from food to likes and dislikes, concentrating less on grammatical comprehension and more on speaking ability. This class will meet for two hours a week.



Esperanto: Pasporto a la Tuta Mondo 0-1 Credit

Mrs. Helen Hoskins EXCO-313-01

Students will be watching and listening to actors in costume speaking in Esperanto. An introduction to the course and the comments by the instructress are given in English. The students will also receive the Esperanto text and the 12 exercises for each lesson. Since the teacher is the only one with the video, is it important that students attend all classes. The exercises are designed to test comprehension of the lesson, the order of events, proper word endings, and proper verbs. Students will be expected to read, write, and speak in Esperanto by the time the course is over. We will also do some role playing.


Exploring the Magical World of Calvin & Hobbes 0-1 Credit

Stephanie Rooker and Alexandra Berger EXCO-305-01

Get out of the classroom and come play with us! Learn about Bill Watterson’s brilliantly witty series "Calvin & Hobbes." Not only will we be reading Watterson’s strips and discussing underlying issues that he addresses, but we will also practice seeing the world through the eyes of each character. We will discuss the creative process of producing comic strips, as well as practice this by having the opportunity to create our own weekly strips. You’ll be delirious from having so much fun!



Modern Greek 0-2 Credits

Panagiota Kalantzi EXCO-306-01


This course is designed to develop oral and written communication of the Modern Greek language. At the end of the semester you will be able to talk about yourselves, ask and answer questions and give information in Greek.



Myth-Making of William Faulkner 0-1 Credit

Richard Braithwaite EXCO-307-01


This is a class designed to give students a chance to read Faulkner and talk about him in a setting that those students create. An hour-long discussion will take place once a week. Faulkner’s bizarre South is breathed into existence through the myth telling of his brilliant and wacko characters as much as possible, through reading, talking about, and writing on Faulkner.



Tuberculosis: What can be learned by understanding mankind’s oldest and most devestating infectious disease 0-1 Credit

John Picken EXCO-310-01

The course will be a review of the infectious disease tuberculosis. This ancient but still pandemic disease will be examined from both the biological-clinical and the historical-social perspectives to see what we can learn about human contagion and immunity, interactions between disease and culture, and the current challenges posed by drug resistance, poverty and AIDS.


Media Studies



Anime 2002: Brother, Dear Brother 0-1 Credit

Viktor Shmagin EXCO-601-01

Brother, Dear Brother is not easy to describe in a few sentences. An early shujo drama (drama aimed at adolescent girls), it follows the lives of some profoundly disturbed characters in an exclusive Japanese private school. Drawing in large part from French and Russian literary influences, it leaves a powerful impression as can be seen in its influence on later shows like Revolutionary Girl Utena.


Anime 2002: Rouroni Kenshin—Wandering Samurai 0-1 Credit

Chuck Frenzel EXCO-603-01

A course taught on Rouroni Kenshin, anime series. Wandering Samurai to Legends of Kyoto and its relation to the historical Meiji period of Japan.


Anime 2002: Slayers 0-1 Credit

Amber Cohen EXCO-602-01

You love Anime. Of course you do. And what better way is there to expand your anime viewing horizons than by spending a few hours a week with the widely popular and entertaining "Slayers" series? We will be watching 2 of the 3 seasons—Slayers and Slayers NEXT, spending time discussing the influences from both Japanese and Western fantasy culture on the story line, and just generally enjoying a well-done and fun show.


Cinema of the 90’s 0-1 Credit

David Kaufman EXCO-608-01

This class covers 10 years of cinematic excellence, and will follow the evolution of various themes through the decade and what styles are used to present them in film. We will also spend some time discussing the dramatic changes in special effects through this decade.


Directions of the Online Art Gallery 0-1 Credit

John Appley, Cary Foster, and John Donalds EXCO-604-01

Working with Oberlin College’s Online Gallery (, we will examine what it means to create and sustain an online art gallery. How does it differ from a real gallery? How does that affect the art? The artist? The viewer’s experience? We will do hands-on work with the gallery, creating new features and adding new works.

We will be working together to organize concepts into practical applications, and then participants will break into smaller groups to implement the projects. We will review technical processes, including use of specific software, review usability issues, etc. For our final project, we will incorporate at least one new feature into the gallery (e.g. a Guest Artist gallery or an interactive Crit Board). We will also help with an end-of-semester portfolio review of art by Oberlin students and faculty to add new works to the gallery.


Hard Boiled Cinema 0-1 Credit

Harrison Gish and Logan Boyles EXCO-605-01

What’s cooler than watching and analyzing action movies? Nothing, that’s what! This ExCo, meeting once a week, will view action films from cinema’s past to its present, from Hollywood to Japan, from directors as well-known as James Cameron to those such as Robert Rodriguez, who have only recently become prominent. We will view films that simply, though powerfully, reinforce the foundations of the action cinema (Die Hard) to those that break out of the mold and become complete films, not just action films, unto themselves (El Mariachi). The ExCo will require 4 responses to individual films, one mid-module project, and one final project of the student’s choice.


The Styles and Stunts of Jackie Chan 0-1 Credit

Adam Czernikowski and Patrick Nduaguba EXCO-606-01


Most people are not familiar with the career of Jackie Chan that started long before he became a worldwide action film icon. From classic kung fu to action-comedy, Jackie Chan’s style of filmmaking has evolved enormously over time. This course will expose students to the intense career of Jackie Chan through discussion and viewing of his films.



Music, Theater & Dance



Beginning Contact Improvisation 0-2 Credit

Kimberly Madalinski EXCO-406-01

A comprehensive exploration into the skills and philosophy of Contact Improvisation. This dance form engages dancers in weight shifts, changes of momentum, relationships through space, and energetic connections. This class will meet three times a week for an hour and a half each time, and require participation in a number of Sunday afternoon Contact Jams. No dance experience required.



Classical Music of North India 0-2 Credits

Hasu Patel EXCO-401-01

Oberlin contacts: William Burton and Amie Weiss


The course is offered by a professional musician and is aimed to give students an introduction to the theory and practice of the classical instruments of Hindustani music: Sitar, Tabla, and Vocal. Students will be given knowledge of Raga Sangeet and context surrounding this sacred music. The course will be taught in traditional style with certain rules regarding the instruments, practice, fellow students, and Guru. Instruments are available for learning through teacher and Conservatory. A must for the students pursuing music major at the Conservatory to differentiate the music in its entirety.



Dave Matthews Band 0-2 Credits

Tim McKay EXCO-407-01

Their albums enter the top 200 charts at #1. They sell out 60,000 seat stadiums in ten minutes. Their unique blend of jazz, funk, rock, and bluegrass, along with their frequent jamming, has earned them the title of being the top touring band in America for the past six years. The class will meet for 2 hours a week (minimum), and will cover the 11 year history of the Dave Matthews Band, the lives of the band members, and in-depth musical and lyrical analysis to nearly all of the band’s songs. Textbook ($13) is required.



Digeridoo Band Playing 0-1 Credit

Brandon Oberlin and Kayle Sawyer EXCO-402-01

Weekly class teaches students to play Digiridoo aborigine wind instrument. Students are taught everything from tone production to the difficult circular breathing techniques. Students will also learn to make their own digiridoos out of PVC pipe. Class also teaches the fundamentals of teaching others to play the digiridoo.


English Country Dancing 0-1 Credit

Suzanne Friedman EXCO-404-01


Learn to be elegant and flirtatious like they were in the English courts, and to be rowdy and noisy like they were in the English barns. We will learn English-style set dances dating from the 17th century to the present, and how they are related to other dances such as contra dance and waltz.



Modern American Swing 0-1 Credit

Lis Rubard and Elio Trabal EXCO-403-01


This active class is for people with no swing/social dance experience, or for those wishing to brush up on the basics. this course will cover beginning East Coast Swing (6-count Jitterbug) and Lindy Hop, an exciting 8-count swing style from Harlem that is popular all over the world. No partner is necessary.



Morris Dancing 0-1 Credit

Peter Kruskal EXCO-415-01


This course will focus on the Sherborne style. It is a strong and salient tradition, and we will dance it better than it has ever been danced before. One need not be trained in dance to participate; it is a life-expression, and all are welcome.



Oberlin College Marching Band 0-2 Credits

Lisa Berman and Elizabeth Gendler EXCO-409-01


We need: musicians, color guard members, drum majors, choreographers and drill designers! If you are interested in practicing your skills in any of these areas or acquiring skills in any of these areas, please join us. No application required. All ranges of experience welcome.



Oberlin STOMP 0-1 Credit

Jordan Balagot EXCO-412-01


Enter a world where music, theatre, and choreography blend into one and where anything can be your instrument. Student collaboration on writing music and choreography is required. OSTOMP! will rehearse 4 hours a week and have at least 2 performances a semester.



Over it-the Tori Amos exco 0-1 Credit

Ciciley Hoffman EXCO-405-01


Study of the basis, reasoning and progression of Tori Amos’ music, from early recordings to strange little girls. will include listening and viewing sessions, to meet once a week for 2 hours.



Polynesian Dance and Culture 0-1 Credit

C. Savali Andrews EXCO-408-01


An introductory course in which students will explore the Polynesian islands of Samoa, Tahiti, Hawai’i, and New Zealand through dance forms such as the Hula, the Otea, and more. There will be auditions!



Steel Drum Ensemble 0-1 Credit

Lily Rosenman and Amy Cobden EXCO-410-01


An introduction to the techniques and traditions of steel drum performance. Students will also learn to play other percussion instruments. The class culminates in a group performance at the Cat in the Cream.



Taking Another Step 0-1 Credit

Dimy Jeannot EXCO-411-01


Taking Another Step is a demanding (yet rewarding) opportunity that offers an intense semester of learning the art of stepping—a style of dance characterized by its use of synchronized feet-stomping, hand-clapping, and body-moving to create intricate, complicated beats, and is sometimes accompanied by music. Stepping as an art naturally ranges from simple, less involved steps to complex, and thus more involved steps. Within the context of our class, you will learn a combination of both, coordinating this mixture to form a cohesive presentation. Our class will culminate with this presentation performed by you for an Oberlin audience. Note: Because no prior experience or rhythmic ability is required, a committed willingness to learn is a mandatory prerequisite to enrolling.



Tap Dance Technique—An Introduction 0-1 Credit

Eli Gerstenlauer EXCO-413-01


This course will explore basic tap dance for beginners. No prior experience is required or expected. There will not be a fee for this course, but you will have to acquire tap shoes if you become enrolled; this will be facilitated by the course instructor. We will meet twice a week for more than an hour and will put on a brief performance at the end of the term.


Computers and Technology



Webmastering for Everyday People 0-1 Credit

Charles Daniels EXCO-701-01


Want to set up a home on the internet but not sure how? This course will teach you the skills needed to get a thought from your mind and onto a web page. No experience necessary. We will cover HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and basic Javascript.


Physical Activities and Games




Aerial Circus Arts: Low Trapeze & Spanish Web 0-1 Credit

Florence Edwards and Hannah Logan EXCO-101-01


Swing, Spin, and Almost Fly through the air and make it look like the greatest of ease! Learn the art of Aerial Circus Arts on the single Trapeze and swivel Spanish Web. Students can progress at their own pace on the equipment while improving flexibility, strength, and stamina, not to mention our terrific show at the end of the semester!



Aikido 0-1 Credit

Jeremy Van Cleve and Erika Cline EXCO-109-01

The Aikido ExCo is an introduction to the basic principles and techniques of Aikido, a Japanese martial art. Aikido employs circular motion and blending in order to control and subdue an opponent without necessarily causing injury. Founded by Morechei Neshiba, Aikido is built around concepts of openness, relaxation, and being able to respond to any attack, no matter what its form, direction, or intensity. As Aikido is not dependent on strength, it is suitable for all ages and physiques.


Beginning Karate 0-1 Credit

Sarah Gebhardt EXCO-100-01

The Beginning Karate ExCo has been offered to Oberlin College students and community members for the past 12 years. Training for mind, body, and soul, the ExCo is open to beginners as well as to those who have trained in a martial art before. Taking the ExCo makes one eligible to join the Oberlin Karate Kai, which is a chartered Oberlin College organization. The ExCo as well as the Kai are run completely by students, who have trained for a significant amount of time. There is no limit on class size, so everyone who is interested in taking the class will get in.


Boxing 0-1 Credit

Ian Pocock and Rob Moffatt EXCO-114-01

This course is intended for individuals with some boxing experience, who are looking to learn more in order to reach a more competitive level. Some beginners may be admitted, but the course is intended for those with some experience.



Bridge for Dummies 0-1 Credit

Whitney Birge EXCO-102-01

This class will be split into two sections: the first will be an introduction to the game of bridge and its rules, while the second is designed for students already familiar with the game who wish to learn more complicated bidding styles and playing conventions. The two sections will meet individually once a week, most likely Thursday afternoons and evenings, in Wilder.



Chess 0-1 Credit

Jonathan Hirsch EXCO-103-01

This class is open to players with no experience as well as to tournament veterans. Beginners will learn rules, basic end-game technique, opening theory, etc. More advanced players will improve analytical combination visualization, mating combinations, etc. Teaching Assistants will take different groups according to previous playing experience.


Competitive Badminton 0-1 Credit

Joey Chen EXCO-113-01


Enrollment limit: 16 For players with some badminton experience and/or who want to learn to play badminton competitively. Also, for those who just love the game and want to learn more than just hitting the birdie back/forth. Playing is learning, so obviously, that will be the focus – play.



Head Over Heels 0-1 Credit

Leah Albritton EXCO-104-01

This course will cover basic tumbling, including cartwheels, round-offs, back handsprings, back and front wallcovers, front handsprings and aerials. There will be weekly meetings and a final performance by each student of a routine designed by him or her. There are no pre-req’s, just a good attitude and enthusiasm to tumble!



Beginning Fencing 0-1 Credit

James McConaghie and Matt Iorio EXCO-112-01

Learn to enjoy not only the competition, but the art behind fencing. The exco is taught by two nationally ranked fencers. Choose from one of two featured weapons. Most of our students are beginners, but everyone is welcome!


Women’s Rugby 0-1 Credit

April Gentile-Miserandino EXCO-107-01

Oberlin’s hottest team, the Rugby Rhinos, is at it again! Practices are 3 times a week, and Saturday’s a RUGBY DAY! No experience necessary.


Oberlin Skilled Hands in Training 0-1 Credit

Dan Reeves and Lyrica Hammann EXCO-116-01

An introduction to the art of juggling and all the subdisciplines it has come to encompass. Students will meet for two separate one-hour meetings a week to work on group and solo juggling and discussion of juggling culture. No prior experience expected – interest and dedication are more important than skill.


Water Polo 0-1 Credit

Karin Swanson EXCO-115-01


We will learn all the basics of Water Polo, focusing on treading, ball skills, and some swim conditioning. All levels are welcome. We will be practicing with the water polo club and drawing from their collective knowledge and resources. There will be at least three women’s intercollegiate tournaments this fall, and two co-ed tournaments. Practice will be two to three afternoons a week.


Arts and Crafts



An Art Experience: Experiments in Creativity 0-1 Credit

Victoria Gershik EXCO-211-01

Stressed out because you got shut out of an art class? Here’s an alternative space to express your creative side. We will explore different media and techniques in art, with an emphasis foremost on self-expression. We may try such techniques as junkyard art, drawing, sculpture, and portraiture. No experience necessary, just enthusiasm and dedication.



Arts and Crafts 0-2 Credits

Yara Flinn and Rachel Schaffran EXCO-201-01


The purpose of this ExCo is to explore the various history and techniques that have evolved into what we currently view as "arts and crafts." We are also going to try to examine the importance of arts and crafts as an art form that is accessible to all ethnic groups across socioeconomic boundaries.



Beginning Ceramics 0-1 Credit

Adam Greeney and Mara Killen EXCO-208-01


Beginning Ceramics is for all levels of potters and will teach the basics of wheel throwing and alterations. There will be two-hour classes twice a week. All class members are required to become a part of the pottery co-op if they are not already. Some experience with ceramics is preferred, but not required.



Beginning Knitting 0-1 Credit

Megan Purvis, Laura Gardiner, and Amanda Burton EXCO-207-01


Because pirates were the first knitters! Learn beginning and intermediate techniques, complete a final project, have a new way to procrastinate. Field trip so students may purchase materials. String. Sticks. Boo-yeah. Cost: $7-$25



Beginning Film Production 0-2 Credits

Emilio Oliveira EXCO-204-01

Film Production is open to people at all levels of experience in filmmaking. Beginners will learn about the history of filmmakers, work with equipment used for large and small budget work, and most importantly, do field work. More advanced filmmakers will continue to enhance their technique and also help guide beginning members. Attendance at all classes and at least four Sunday labs (production and postproduction) is mandatory. The reading for this course is light, but extensive extra reading will be available upon request. There will be two tests and a final project that can be either a paper, film or video project. The course is limited to ten students, and those interested must fill out an application form to be accepted.



Bread Baking 0-1 Credit

Eric Schedler EXCO-202-01


Participants will bake once a week, learning about shaping breads, crusts, sourdoughs, bagels, rolls, challah, and dessert breads. There may be a course fee of up to $20.


Chainmail and Calligraphy 0-1 Credit



All you ever wanted to know about chainmail construction and the artistry of calligraphy. After this class, you’ll be proficient in both. Course requirements: patience, persistence, great attention to detail, manual dexterity. No prior experience assumed, but feel free to share what you know! Students are expected to purchase supplies for themselves and pay a $5 course fee for chainmail rings.


Exploring Comics 0-2 Credits

Aay Preston-Myint EXCO-205-01

Comics are a medium unlike any other, with their own history, techniques, and vocabulary. This class will explore the medium of comics by reading, making, and sharing them. Examples and reading will mainly draw from contemporary American independent comics, but we will also look at work from Europe and Asia and anything else students are interested in. Discussions will cover art and writing styles, self-publishing, and experimentation across media, but will also incorporate social issues such as gender and sexuality, political commentary, race, and representation.


Knitting and More 0-1 Credit

Sarah Updegraff and Elana Klein EXCO-203-01

Come and meet

to sew and knitWe can teach beginners and advanced

once a weekstudents to make fun scarves, hats, mits

and while you sitand to sew dresses and pants!

have a treat

music, snacks, and tea

take our class and you will see


Social Issues



Bonner Love 101 0-1 Credit

Angela Logan EXCO-502-01


Bonner Love 101 will serve as an orientation to the College, the Lorain County community, and the Bonner Scholars program. Divided into two parts, it is designed to give Scholars an opportunity to explore issues relevant to new students in a college environment while learning more about issues of community service and community building. Admission is limited to first-year members of the Bonner Scholars program.



Grassroots Organizing 0-2 Credits

Winston Vaughn EXCO-500-01


The goal of this course is to train students to become active and effective citizens through campaign work with OhioPIRG. We will read and discuss philosophies of activism such as those of Saul Alinsky and Ralph Nader. Also, each student will be responsible for developing and implementing a critical component of the campaign such as coalition building and media. There are no prerequisites and no course fee.



HIV Educators Training 0-2 Credit

Sarah Colvario, Danielle Gelfand, and Lori Makin-Byrd EXCO-503-01

In order to be a good HIV Educator, you yourself need to be educated in the physiology, biology, testing, treatment and other issues surrounding HIV and AIDS. One also needs to know how to facilitate, build strong groups, and understand how a person infected with HIV lives. This extensive training will prepare people to become HIV Educators so that they can educate the Oberlin College and greater community. The class will be split into two sections: in the first section people will learn about HIV, STI’s, facilitation, myths surrounding the disease, role-play/risk reduction methods, ice breakers and other group building activities, and hear from an HIV+ speaker. In the second section people will build a curriculum, present this curriculum to a group, learn how to contact a school to present there, and take part in the planning and implementing of one AIDS Awareness week activity.


Issues in Women’s Health 0-2 Credits

Rachel Mills and Rebecca Kwawer (Section I) EXCO-504-01

Issues in Women’s Health 0-2 Credits

Rachel Widenfeld and Elizabeth Flinsch (Section II) EXCO-504-02

Issues in Women’s Health 0-2 Credits

Andrea Smith and Lee Dolan (Section III) EXCO-504-03

How do different groups of women and individuals interact with the health care system, their bodies and popular health culture? What can we do about it? Through readings, discussion and informal research projects, we will address the day to day health concerns of ourselves and different women, and how these connect to larger theoretical and political issues. Themes connecting the whole semester include the ways class, race and sexuality change women’s health experiences and options, and the importance of informed choice in every area of health.


Menstrual Health and Politics 0-2 Credits

Katie Shilton and Laura Schuetze EXCO-517-01


This is not a stereotype of a women’s studies class where we "sit around, hold hands, and talk about our periods." The goal of this course is to encourage critical thinking about something close to home, and then question why critical thinking about this subject is neither encouraged nor validated as academic. Why is the image of women talking about menstruation a joke? The readings are intended to provide a framework of ideas and facts that will stimulate discussion on these and other related issues.


RA Skills – Skills For Life 0-1 Credit

Tracy Murry EXCO-511-01


This course is recommended for students who wish to become a Resident Assistant (RA). The course focus is on the skills needed for effective leadership, community building, interpersonal communications, problem solving and crisis intervention within the residence hall environment. The course incorporates theory with an emphasis on practical application. Participants in the RA Skills course will be given high priority in the RA selection process.


Sexual Assault Support Team 0-2 Credits

Myrl Beam and Jesse Carr EXCO-509-01

The SAST ExCo covers a broad range of topics pertaining to sexual and domestic violence, assault and abuse through readings, discussions, counseling, role-plays, practice sessions and outside speakers. Class meets once a week for 2 hours; role-play meets once a week for one and a half hours.


Sexual Information Center: SexCo 0-2 Credit

Rebecca Kwawer and Lee McKeever EXCO-510-01


This course will explore many topics in sexuality, sexual health and sex-positivity, including but not limited to anatomy, safer sex, STDs, LGBT issues, kinds of sex and counseling skills. The class will meet for two hours each week; role-plays will be scheduled separately for one hour per week. At the end of the semester students are invited to apply to be SIC counselors. There will be a small course fee to cover the cost of a reader.


Do-It-Yourself and Practica



Aquariums: Setup and Maintenance 0-1 Credit

David Kurtenbach EXCO-802-01

The dorms say your only pets can be fish or turtles. So why not learn how to keep some of the most beautiful and exotic fish you can? Having an aquarium can fulfill your desire for a pet while allowing you to express yourself through your own design and choice of aquatic life. Aquariums are relaxing after a long day of boring classes, and watching your fish develop their own personalities can be fun! This ExCo will teach you how to set up an aquarium and the basics of keeping fish alive and healthy for a long time. We’ll also discuss more advanced topics such as reef keeping technology and techniques.



Bikes and Kids 0-1 Credit

Zachary Moser EXCO-809-01


Come learn bike repair then use that knowledge to teach local youth. This combines mentoring, hands on learning, and bike repair in the greatest course that could ever be created.



Intergenerational Exchange 0-1 Credit

Peter Kelterborn EXCO-805-01


The purpose of this course is for Oberlin College students to gain an understanding of the aging process. At the end of this course, students should be able to know the difference between the normal physical and mental processes of aging and myths regarding these processes. They will be responsible for attending the six educational courses offered by Kendal at Oberlin Staff and maintain a relationship with a specific Kendal at Oberlin Resident through weekly visitations.



Oberlin College Mentors 0-1 Credit

Marielle Ramsay and Ishmael Beah EXCO-801-01

Oberlin College Mentors is an opportunity to develop a long-term, mutually rewarding relationship with a local child. This is a fun way to create ties to the city of Oberlin and the community. Disclaimer: In committing to this ExCo, you are making a commitment to a child. Serious applicants only, please.


Practicum in Health Care 0-2 Credits

Paul Treuhaft, M.D and Carol Sedgwick EXCO-803-01


Students will spend 3 hours per week as volunteers at Community Health Partners Hospital and Surgical Center in Lorain, OH. Biweekly classes in Oberlin will focus on issues of service and care giving, especially situations that have been personally challenging. Students who are volunteering for the first time will be grouped together in a single class section with required readings and group discussions.

Students in the second semester of volunteering will meet separately in seminar to discuss incidents and experiences that occur in the hospital. No formal readings will be assigned, but supplemental readings may be suggested to illustrate points that arise during discussion. The emphasis will be on discussion of the problems in caring for the sick in America today. It is expected that much of the focus will be on the economics of health care and on biomedical ethics.

Students who wish to continue to volunteer after this two-semester sequence are welcome to do so and are welcome to participate to whatever extent they wish. It is not anticipated, however, that credit will be offered for more than the initial two-semester sequence.


Students for Students 0-2 Credits

Shoshana McGiffin, Jessica Randa, and Will Goldstein EXCO-804-01


Students for Students is a group whose primary goal is to create an enrichment program which draws upon the strengths and talents of college students to create a reciprocal learning relationship with local elementary students. We provide fun and educational activities for children in grades K-5. The primary requirements for this class are energy, dedication, and creativity.