Study Abroad
Through the Saint Petersburg Semester and the Russian Summer Programs of the Council on International Student Exchange, of which Oberlin is an affiliate, students have the opportunity to perfect their language skills and to gain a first-hand knowledge of Russian life. Oberlin students are eligible to participate in other academic programs in the Russian Republic and other Newly Independent States: the ACM/GLCA Fall Semester Program at Kuban State University in Krasnodar, the Moscow Theatre Arts Program of the National Theater Institute, and a study away semester or year with C.V.Starr-Middlebury Schools Abroad. Middlebury schools abroad include locations in Moscow, Voronezh, Irkutsk, and Yaroslavl, where undergraduates may study Russian life and culture and (if desirous) participate in a prearranged internship. Additionally, Middlebury offers a program for enrolled graduates. For further information on these programs, contact Ms. Forman, Mr. Newlin, or Mr. Scholl.

  Students on financial aid should consult the Director of Financial Aid before planning to participate in the CIEE, ACM/GLCA, or other programs. Participants in the CIEE programs in Saint Petersburg, the ACM/GLCA program at Kuban State University, the Moscow Theatre Arts Program, or the Middlebury program should consult the Russian staff for a preliminary interpretation of such work in terms of Oberlin credit.
  ACTR/ACCELS: American Council of Teachers of Russian administers exchange programs for everyone from high school students to professional researches.
  Midwest Programs- The University of Illinois maintains a page on different Russian and Eastern European study away programs that are administered by colleges in the Midwest.
  Central European University is a post-graduate study institution for the social sciences, drawing an international student body, and dedicated to promoting civic reform in the governments of Eastern Europe and the NIS. Their ECHO program funds the international exchange of fellows.
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