General Resources
    Russian Federal Archives On-line
    The Russian Archive: Now anyone can receive copies of Russian archival material quickly and cheaply, with no need to travel to Russia and spend hours going through catalogs. Russian Archive works with all major Russian historical, literary, and artistic collections and can do all the work for you
    Current exchange rates
    Maps of the FSU and Russia - From the CIA, including economic, ethnic, and political
    The Constitution of the Russian Federation
    Russian Search Engine - The Russian version of Yahoo!, this website is a great place to start if you can't find what you're looking for
    Links, Links, and More Links - visit Sher's Russian Index to find loads of great sites on Russia
  Useful Sites for Research and Job Seekers
    Resource Page maintained by our very own Professor Heather Hogan
    NGO.RU: The Catalog of Public Resources on the Internet: A very useful brand-new site, with links to a wide range of non-profit organizations in Russia, as well as other resources available on the web, such as electronic libraries and public information databases
    The REESWeb: The University of Pittsburgh's ubiquitous online library of resources for Russia and East Europe
    The Russian and East European Network Information Center at UT @ Austin. Searchable databases with a plethora of information on each country in the NIS, including fabulous maps
    Central Asian Studies World Wide Web: A relatively new site, but it already looks chock-full of useful resource links and job postings
    Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library: Similar to U Pittsburgh's REESWeb, but covering the Asian Continent
    ICARP: The Interactive Central Asia Resource Project is another links database for all you "-stan" buffs
    University of North Carolina at Greensboro's Slavic Study Trails. Once again--more useful links
    WorldLinQ-Russian A Russian information resource done by the Queens Public Library
    Russian Feminist Resources: Bilingual site with links to various organizations active now in Russia
    FASTnet - A site dedicated to furthering exchange between Russian and American scientists and scholars
    Volunteer Opportunities- An Obie grad now maintains a page on volunteer opportunities in Russia! Check it out!
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