Useful links on russian grammar and dictionaries.

Virtual Russian Grammar - Online Russian Grammar

Russian Dictionary with Sounds & Images Here is the perfect place to begin building your Russian vocabulary. This site is an excellent companion to the On-line Russian Reference Grammar
Great Online Dictionary: Lingvo's site has proven to be very useful in searching out difficult to find words and phrases
George Mitrevsky's Home Page offers links to a variety of Russian dictionaries, grammars, and some cultural indices
Better Russian through Video! - This Cornell Language project, created by Slava Paperno, Viktoria Tsimberov and Slawomir Grunberg, is a series of videos designed to help beginning Russian students
Are you swimming in unfamiliar Soviet/Russian acronyms? Check this site for a description of what all those strings of letters mean
Russify your computer! - Can't type in Russian? Go here to download Cyrillic fonts for both Macintosh and Windows. Or get some really interesting fonts from (Mac OS only)!


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