Art and Culture
    Kulichki: If your Russian is good, you can take a jaunt through this massive index of modern Russian life
    Russian Film: Interested in Russian and/or Soviet film? Take a look at this database!
    N. Zh. M. D. No Internet excursion through Russian culture would be complete without a stop at this hilarious site--as it claims, the "strangest place on the Russian web...."
    Slavophilia Tons of links to Slavic-related sites regarding anything from literature to Russian card games!
  Literature Resources
    Evgenii Peskin's Public Electronic Library: The source for on-line text of the classics of Russian literature--all in Russian
    Maxim Moshcow's Library A great source for 20th Century Russian poetry and prose (e.g., tons of Pelevin), as well as some of the classics
    Project Litera: A russkii zhournal of more contemporary Russian writing
    And now for something different -- Armenian literature!
    Lithuanian poetry
    And yes, the Ukranians do much more than just egg-dyeing
    The Bakhtin Centre Here's the homepage of everyone's favorite Russian literary theorist. Put on your party hat and let's go
    Speaking of the esoteric, visit ZEMBLA: The Nabokov Butterfly Net while you're at it--a nice shrine with biography, criticism, annotation, and other goodies
    The Bilingual Anthology of Russian Verse gives you the opportunity to test your Russia skills by reading famous Russian poetry in Russian and then checking yourself with the English version
  Art and Music
    Russian Museums on-line
    Auburn University's Russian Art page contains an alphabetical index of famous visual artists, with a few examples from each
    Wassily Kandinsky: Biographical sketch of artist with a few examples of his painting.
    The Russian Art Gallery - A collection of paintings from before 1917.
    The Marinsky Theater on-line. See what you're missing
    And let's not forget about its competitor, The Bolshoi Theater home page
    For Russian music on the web, consult Little Russia in San Antonio--Music Links.
    Real live Russian radio on your computer. From traditional folk songs to the latest Russian pop. (Uses RealAudio.)
    TamizdatThis site is an excellent resource for news and information of independent music from Central and Eastern Europe. You can also directly purchase music through the site.
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