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Learning Group Discussions (Jan Thornton, Neuroscience Program, Oberlin College). This is a handout that Jan uses in some of her courses. This handout was modified and extracted, much of it verbatim, from ones written by Dr. Craig Nelson and by Dr. Judith Hansen of Indiana University. Both of those versions rely heavily on ideas from William Faucett Hill, 1969, Learning Through Discussion, Sage Publications.

Evaluation Form for Discussion Sections

Leading a Discussion Section (Brown University Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning)

Planning and Conducting Effective Discussions (Carnegie Mellon Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence)

Teaching by Discussion (Penn State Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning)

Frequently Asked Questions about Discussion (Indiana University)

How Do I Improve Class Discussion (Northwestern University Searle Center for Teaching Excellence)

Discussion Leading (Stanford University)

Checklist for Effective Discussion Leading (Stanford University)

Encouraging Class Discussion (University of California, Berkeley)

Discussion as a Form of Learning (University of Iowa Center for Teaching)

Working in Groups (Harvard University Derek Bok Center for Teaching and Learning)


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