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Piano 2014

In addition to the $80 application fee, there is a $325 competition fee. For those of you staying on campus at the dormitory (not air-conditioned) and eating at the dining hall, the fee is $250 and is included in the housing fees below.

On-Campus Housing

Double and single dormitory rooms are available to you with a meal plan for all three meals. Rooms do not include a private bathroom, however the shared bathroom facilities include private showers. The housing plan includes:

Thursday, July 17 arrival to Saturday, July 26 departure: 9 nights, and meals at the dining hall: Thursday, July 17 dinner through Saturday, July 26 breakfast.

Please note that all fees are nonrefundable, and we are unable to grant partial reimbursement should you choose to depart before July 26.

Single Room ($900)
Double Room/Per Person ($820/per person) — 2 people in one room, separate beds


Parents or guardians accompanying a participant are also invited to stay in the dormitory in a private room ($650), or share a room with you ($570). Everyone in the dormitory must also eat at the dining hall. You are welcome to arrive a day or two early. Cost per night, per person is $30. Before dinner on Thursday, July 17 and breakfast on Saturday, July 26, meals are on your own. You may like to purchase separate meal tickets at the dining hall, or enjoy a meal at one of the many restaurants in town.

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