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2012 Bay Area Winterterm Internship Initiatives
Career Resources: Gig Referral Service
Conservatory Initiative Grants Supporting Imagination and Excellence
Individual Major - Conservatory (IMCN)
More Conservatory Events
Music Theory & Aural Skills Consent
New & Revised Courses
Oberlin In Italy
Pass/No-Pass & Withdraw

Music Theory & Aural Skills Consent Information


1. For Conservatory & Musical Studies Majors: All Music Theory, Aural Skills, and Upper Division Music Theory classes will require consent during the ADD/DROP period in the Fall. First year students will be assigned to a class, section, day, time, and CRN usually posted outside KOHL 309 during orientation. (For A&S and PDIP Students)

2. If you are unable to register for a Theory/Aural Skills course because there is a conflict with your schedule or a section is full, please visit The Kohl (Jazz Bldg.) Rm. 309 to speak with the Administrative Assistant and/or put your name on a wait list.


3. During Spring Semester ALL Music Theory & Aural Skills Courses DO NOT require consent. Please register during your assigned registration time (See PRESTO.) REGISTER NOW to avoid being tacked on the end of a long waitlist.

4. Upper Division Music Theory courses (beyond 202/232) DO NOT require consent during this registration period (Except MUTH 317 "Music & Embodied Cognition.") Please check the on-line catalog for notes and pre-requisites pertaining to these classes before you register. The Registrar's Schedule of Classes will list the days/time/instructor/limit for each course.


5. All Music Theory, Aural Skills, and upper division classes will revert back to consent during the ADD/DROP period in the Spring.


6. Spring Semester: Level I Music Theory & Aural Skills Courses will require consent, however you may register for Level III and upper division theory courses during your open registration time without consent (See PRESTO.)


7. Arts And Sciences Students: Be sure that you have completed both the Aural Skills (Kohl 309) and Theory Placement Tests. Arts And Sciences students must request consent for all Music Theory & Aural Skills courses. Permission to register will not be given until all Bachelor of Music students have been accommodated. Please visit KOHL 309 to put your name on a wait-list. (Exception: Musical Studies majors have the same priority as Conservatory Students.)


8. Performance Diploma students (PDIP) are not permitted to take Music Theory or Aural Skills courses without a proficient TOEFL score, or registration in ESL Level III. Students must request application and approval from the Office of the Associate Deans (Bibbins 113.) Once approved, PDIP Students must visit KOHL 309 to complete the Aural Skills (Kohl 309) and/or Theory Placement Tests, and put their name on a wait list. Permission to register will not be given until all Bachelor of Music and Musical Studies students have been accommodated.

New & Revised Courses
APST 140 & 141- Internalizing Rhythms I & II
Jamey Haddad
First day attendance policy: Due to the popularity of this course, students may register during the add/drop period only on a first come/first serve basis, but must be present on the first day of class. Class size may vary based on instrument availability with preference given to upper class students. (A pre-registration waiting list or consent will not be provided this semester.) APST 140 is required in order to take APST 141. Please e-mail condeans@oberlin.edu for more information.

APST 726 - Arts and Sciences Orchestra - Sign-Up outside Bibbins 108
This season, OASO will present three concert programs in Finney Chapel, including the following:

Schubert, Symphony no. 8 in B minor ("Unfinished")
Grieg, Piano Concerto in A minor
Mussorgsky, Introduction to 'Khovanshchina'
Liadov, Eight Russian Folk Songs
Rachmaninov, Vocalise
Ippolitov-Ivanov, excerpts from 'Caucasian Sketches'
Beethoven, Coriolan Overture
Beethoven, Elegischer Gesang
Beethove, Mass in C, Op. 86

Click here for specific excerpts for the OASO audition. In addition, everyone should prepare one selection of their own choice.

CNST 201 - Touring for Musicians
This is a first module, .5 credit course. Overview of musical and business considerations in planning a tour, including repertoire selection, age-appropriate presentation techniques, audience development, contracts, travel arrangements, insurance, communication. Gloria Kim, instructor.

CNST 202 - Presentation Skills for Outreach
This is a 1-module, 1-credit course. Students will design and implement outreach components and learn how to give successful presentations to children, adults, and peers. The class incorporates reading and discussion, and offers opportunities for students to hone their presentation skills. Many believe that outreach consists primarily of “taking the show on the road.” Increasingly, musicians are asked to re-imagine the traditional audience/performer paradigm. This one-module course offers concrete strategies for giving successful presentations, and prepares students for this important and often overlooked skill. Marci Alegant, instructor.

ENTR 110 - Fundamentals of Finance

A 1 credit/1 module P/NP class covering personal finance and beyond. While open to all students, content might be most relevant for older students who are closer to dealing with the "real world" decisions that we discuss in class>

Contact Beth Tallman (btallman@oberlin.edu, x55377)

Fundamentals in Finance gives students a solid understanding of the fundamental theoretical constructs of finance and accounting to enable them to make informed financial decisions at all stage of their lives. The course further explains how these same constructs can help them analyze and discuss important issues in the world around them, including the financial crisis and foreclosures, bank behavior, sovereign debt issues, student loan levels, and replayment, and investment deciisions.

Individual Majors in the Conservatory (IMCN)
An Individual Major focuses on an area or topic that cannot be studies adequately within an exisiting department or program major. An Individual Major leading to a Bachelor of Music degree may be designed with a concentration in a single Conservatory dpeartment or among two or more Conservatory departments. In some cases Arts and Sciences courses may be an interal part of a student's major. For information on Conservatory Individual Majors and a application, please click here.

Oberlin In Italy
This program is open for singers, instrumentalists, liberal arts students, and theater tech students. Students may earn 5 language credits and 2 music credits. Come and learn about this life-changing experience!

Conservatory Initiative Grants Supporting Imagination and Excellence (CIGSIE) Provides innovative, motivated, and prepared Oberlin Conservatory and Double-Degree students the opportunity to develop imaginative artistic projects to be implemented during Winter Term. Up to three individual or group projects will be awarded grants of up to $6,000.

For application information see: http://www.oberlin.edu/creativity/opportunities.html.

Conservatory Initiative Grants are awarded through Creativity & Leadership: Entrepreneurship at Oberlin, part of the Northeast Ohio Collegiate Entrepreneurship Program (NEOCEP), a Kauffman CampusesSM Initiative funded by the Burton D. Morgan Foundation and Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Pass/No Pass. All passing work (A+ to C minus) is given the uniform grade of Pass (P). Work below C minus is considered not passing, and is given a grade of No Pass (NP). The grades of P and NP do not enter into the GPA calculation. Departments will have the option of deciding how to handle P/NP grades with respect to credit in the major. Please consult the major requirements in this catalog for specific information regarding P/NP grades.

Grading LImitation in Conservatory Courses: Conservatory majors must register for the following courses for letter grade only: Music Theory I-IV, Aural Skills I-IV, Introduction to the History and Literature of Music, and any class taken to satisfy a requirement in secondary applied study.

1. All faculty-taught private applied study (including composition) is offered for letter grades only.
2. Secondary lessons with supervised student teachers are offered for Pass/No Pass only.
3. Small ensembles are offered for Pass/No Pass only at the discretion of the individual coach.
4. Oberlin Orchestra, Oberlin Chamber Orchestra, Oberlin Sinfonietta, and Oberlin Contemporary Music Ensemble (CME) are offered for letter grades only.

Withdrawal Grades. A student may withdraw from a class between the end of the Add/Drop period and the last day of the eighth week of classes (last day of the fourth week of classes for modules). If a student withdraws from a class, the notation W (Withdrawn; no indication of passing or failing) will be entered on the student’s transcript. After the end of the eighth week of classes (fourth week for a module course), a letter grade or P/NP will be awarded. The number of registered hours is not reduced by withdrawing from a course. Thus, students must remain within the maximum hours allowed (16 for the Bachelor of Arts, 17 for the Bachelor of Music and double-degree programs) if there is consideration of withdrawing from one course and adding another during the semester.

Variable Hours. If a course is listed in the Schedule of Classes with a range of credits (for example, "1-3"), it means that it is a variable hour course and you have the option of choosing the credits. To change the number of hours, follow these steps:
* Register for the course as you normally would. A "default" number of hours will display in the Cred column on your Add/Drop screen.
* If the "default" number of credits displayed is the number for which you would like to take the course, do nothing. If you would like to change the default number to another number, click on the Return to Menu button and choose the Variable Hours Option link from the Registration Menu (you may do this at any time during your session.)
* The variable hour course will appear on the Variable Hour Options screen with a box that will allow you to modify the number of hours. Enter the correct number of hours into this box and then click on Submit Changes. The same screen will return with the new hours in the box.
* At this point, you can click on Return to Menu to continue registering, or Exit PRESTO if you are finished.
Note: The hours of Private Reading and Private Study courses cannot be modified using PRESTO. To modify the hours of a Private Study please visit the Office of the Associate Deans for a special Private Study Variable Hours form that must be signed by your advisor and consented by the Associate Dean by the add/drop deadline.
Ensembles: Starting Fall 2014, All Conservatory Ensembles will be offered for 2 credits and will not have a variable credit hour option.

Career Resources: Gig Referral Service
The Gig Referral Service aims to provide Oberlin students with freelance performance opportunities, as well as a chance to help students develop professional and career skills. The office facilitates the hiring of talented student musicians by allowing clients to post information about performance opportunities through the office. The service also aims to provide community members with quality musicians at a competitive cost. Typical gig opportunities arranged through the office include weddings or receptions, corporate functions, and “atmosphere” entertainment. The Gig Referral Service does not post full time job openings or coordinate private lessons. Students who are interested in participating should visit Robertson 129, questions can be directed to gigs@oberlin.edu.

2012 Bay Area Winterterm Internship Initiatives:
Informational meetings for the Bay Area (San Francisco) Winter Term Arts Internships will be Monday, October 10th 9:00-10:00pm and Tuesday, October 11th 7:00-9:00pm.

Jeanie Schram, the project director, will be on campus the week of October 10th to conduct these sessions and meet with interested students. Dr. Schram's appointments will be limited, so we strongly encourage you to attend these sessions if you can.

If you are interested, but unable to attend, email Mary.Gray@oberlin.edu so you can be added to the distribution list. A list of Internships will be available on Blackboard and linked below. This is not a complete list as more will be added.

Project Descriptions Link

Thank you to those of you whose applications we have already received. Please e-mail Mary.Gray@oberlin.edu if you are having trouble accessing the files.

Submit one email with complete application materials per internship. If you are applying for more than one, please send the e-mail to Mary.Gray@oberlin.edu ranking them in order.

What your completed application should look like:

-In the subject line: (Example Name) Jane Doe Application for Cypress Quartet
-Content: (1) Jane Doe Supplemental Application, (2) Jane Doe Cover Letter Cypress Quartet, (3) Jane Doe Resume.

If you have any questions about a specific internship, contact Mary.Gray@oberlin.edu. Please do not contact any of the internship providers or organizations directly.

Due Date for your applications: Mid October!

Hire A Musician

More Conservatory Events:
Conservatory Events Calendar
Summer Program
Community Music School
Creativity & Leadership - Entrepreneurship at Oberlin

*For recorded information on all upcoming Conservatory concerts, including the semester's Senior and Junior Recitals call (440) 775-6933.
Note: Events are subject to scheduling changes; please contact the Office of Concert Production for current information (440) 775-8610.

*For the Artist Recital Series and Opera Theater, please call the Oberlin College Central Ticket Service (CTS) (440) 775-8169.