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Contact the Office of the
Conservatory Associate Deans

Conservatory of Music
Bibbins 113
77 West College Street
Oberlin, Ohio 44074-1588

Phone: (440) 775-8200
Fax: (440) 775-8942

M-F 8:30-12:00, 1:30-4:30


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Mary K. Gray
Associate Dean
Student Academic Affairs
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Jan Miyake
Associate Dean of
Academic Affairs

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Gloria Kim
Associate Dean
Artistic Programming & Operations

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Christopher Jenkins
Assistant Dean
Academic Support
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Jennifer Gendics
Departmental Technician

Student Academic Affairs

The Office of the Associate Deans of the Conservatory provides oversight, support, and information regarding academic requirements, procedures, and regulations to all Oberlin students pursuing course work in music.

Academic Reminders for The Conservatory of Music:
Academic Calendar
Course Grids & Classes
Course Catalog
FAQ's - Conservatory Associate Deans
Gig Referral Service
Misc. Conservatory Events, Classes & Programs
New Courses & Activities
Online schedule of classes
Registration Information
Important Dates to Remember...

Thursday, January 29th New Student Orientation Begins.
Friday, January 30th New Student Registration for Classes.
Saturday, January 31st Residence Halls open for returning students.
Monday, February 2nd Classes Begin.
Monday, February 2nd - Wednesday, February 11th Add/Drop begins for all full semester & 1st module courses. Registration for Classes.
Monday, February 2nd - Friday, February 6th Continuing & returning student enrollment.
Monday, February 2nd - Friday, February 6th New students wanting private music lessons. Sign-Up for Secondary Lessons.
Wednesday, February 4th Deadline for Small Chamber Groups.
Friday, February 27th Deadline for Transfer of Credit. Schedule an appointment with the Associate Dean.
Monday, March 2nd Last day to declare P/NP or CR/NE or Withdrawoption for 1st module courses.
Sunday, March 15th Last day to apply for an Academic Leave of Absence.
Friday, March 20th Registration information available on the web for students for Fall 2015 semester.
Friday, March 20th 1st Module Classes End.
Saturday, March 21st - Sunday, March 29th Spring Recess.
Monday, March 30th Online Schedule of Classes available for Fall 2015.
Monday, March 30th 2nd Module Classes Begin.
Week of March 30th Course Catalog for 2015-2016 Available Online.
Thursday, April 2nd Midterm grades available for students vis PRESTO.
Monday, April 6th Advising for Fall Semester 2015 begins. Get your RAPs from your advisor TODAY!
Monday, April 6th Last day to declare P/NP or CR/NE or Withdrawoption for full module courses. Or change Variable Hour option for full-semester courses.
Wednesday, April 8th Add/Drop deadline for 2nd module courses.
Monday, April 13th - Friday, April 24th Registration period for Fall 2016 semester. Registration for Classes.
Monday, April 27th Last day to declare P/NP or CR/NE or Withdrawoption for 2nd module courses.
Friday, May 8th Classes End.
Saturday, May 9th - Tuesday, May 12th Reading Period.
Wednesday, May 13th Final examination period begins.
Sunday, May 17th Spring semester ends, noon.
Friday, May 22nd Commencement Weekend Begins.
Monday, May 25th Commencement exercises.
Monday, June 1st Final grades available via PRESTO.
Monday, June 3rd All Medical Incomplete work due to faculty.
Week of June 22nd Academic Standing Committee meets regarding spring semester academic performance.

Please note: Remember to click on your "Refresh" or "Reload" button for the most up-to-date information each time you log on to this website. If you notice any errors, this could be the problem. Most document links are supported by Firefox, if you are unable to download, please contact the appropriate department for assistance.

Click here for an easy way to find your consented classes & their CRNs!

*If you took primary private study lessons (PVST) in the previous semester, then you should be consented for lessons. See PRESTO.
*Those wishing to take lessons for 8 credits must obtain a private study variable hour form only available in Conservatory Bibbins 113. Due during add/drop!
*Those wishing to study for 2 credit hours (1 or 0 credit - not available) should visit our secondary lessons link.
*"I have tried to register for my lessons, but don't have Deans Consent?" 1) Make sure you're using the correct CRN. 2) E-Mail us and we will address your concerns.

"How Do I get Consent & Register for MUSIC THEORY & AURAL SKILLS?"
*New students should visit the Theory/Aural Skills section of the Conservatory New Student Orientation page or visit the Kohl Jazz Building, Room 309 e-mail Jeanne Rosecrans if you have further questions.. All students are required to take a placement test during their audition, orientation, or prior to being placed in Theory or Aural Skills.

Classes & Course grids for new and returning Conservatory students.
A pdf of suggested & required courses for each Conservatory major can be found on the Conservatory of Music section of the course catalog.
1. Scroll to the desired division.
2. Click on "Display Programs for this Department."
3. Click on the desired "Area of Study."
4. At the top of the page, "Click here for PDF of Course Distribution Table."
5. From here, browsers like Safari & Firefox will automatically open the pdf or allow you to save it to your disk and open from your desktop. You may need to attempt this from various browsers, as some, like Firefox & Explorer may not be yet able to open the PHP format. Please contact our office and specify your major if you experience difficulty and wish to obtain your grid of classes.

Career Resources: Gig Referral Service
The Gig Referral Service aims to provide Oberlin students with freelance performance opportunities, as well as a chance to help students develop professional and career skills. The office facilitates the hiring of talented student musicians by allowing clients to post information about performance opportunities through the office. The service also aims to provide community members with quality musicians at a competitive cost. Typical gig opportunities arranged through the office include weddings or receptions, corporate functions, and “atmosphere” entertainment. The Gig Referral Service does not post full time job openings or coordinate private lessons. Students who are interested in participating should visit Robertson 129, questions can be directed to gigs@oberlin.edu.

Hire A Musician http://www.oberlin.edu/career/students/music_gig_referral_service.html

More Conservatory Events:
Conservatory Events Calendar
Summer Program/Oberlin in Italy
Community Music School
Creativity & Leadership - Entrepreneurship at Oberlin
Music in America

*For recorded information on all upcoming Conservatory concerts, including the semester's Senior and Junior Recitals call (440) 775-6933.
Note: Events are subject to scheduling changes; please contact the Office of Concert Production for current information (440) 775-8610.

*For the Artist Recital Series and Opera Theater, please call the Oberlin College Central Ticket Service (CTS) (440) 775-8169.

Please consult your Student Handbook under the section titled "Regulations and Procedures of the Conservatory of Music" regarding practice room assignments. For specific questions regarding practice room assignments and keys please contactIrene.Harris@oberlin.edu. For questions regarding locker assignments, please contact Heather.Martin@oberlin.edu. Bachelor of Music students will be given preference regarding locker and/or practice room assignments. We cannot provide instrument storage for non-major students.