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Photo by Thomas Russo

Last January, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra premiered the Scherzo No. 2 in E Minor by Herman Whitfield III '06. In February, Whitfield performed his Fantasy for Piano and Orchestra in C-sharp Minor-another premiere-with the Philharmonic Orchestra of Indianapolis. Both ensembles have featured Whitfield's compositions in the past.

Also in February, Whitfield's Romance for Violin and Orchestra in A-flat Minor was selected for an orchestral reading as part of the Detroit Symphony's 2003 African-American Composers Program. His music was also selected for the program in 2001.

Whitfield, 20, is a double-degree and triple-major student from Indianapolis and was profiled in the Indianapolis Star (January 19, 2003).

In addition to studying piano with Professor of Pianoforte Peter Takács, he also studies composition in the Conservatory and is a politics major in the College.

"Herman is a natural musician, with an instinctive sense of melodic and harmonic line," says Takács. "He creates marvelous colors at the piano with an unusually delicate touch for someone who easily reaches a twelfth (from C to G an octave and a fifth above)! I expect he will develop into a brilliant and original performer."

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