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Of Cornettos and Sackbutts: Concerto Palatino in Concert March 8

by Liz Fox '00





Concerto Palatino, the noted cornetto and sackbutt ensemble, returns to Oberlin to present a free concert of 16th- and 17th- century wind music in Fairchild Chapel on Thursday, March 8 at 8 pm. Cornetto virtuoso Bruce Dickey--a former faculty member of the Oberlin Baroque Performance Institute--and trombonist Charles Toet co-founded the ensemble, which also includes cornettist Doron Sherwin and trombonist Wim Becu.

In 1994, Concerto Palatino, along with various ensembles of the Historical Performance Program, performed Monteverdi's Vespers of 1610 in Oberlin.

The name Concerto Palatino comes from the famous wind ensemble in Bologna, whose highly regarded 17th-century performances have inspired the modern day ensemble.

Concerto Palatino plays narrow-bored early trombones and cornetti, treble-ranged wooden fingerhole instruments, played with cup-shaped mouthpieces. The cornetto is usually curved and octagonal in cross section, and became virtually extinct in public concerts by the early 19th century.

Concerto Palantino’s discography includes critically acclaimed recordings of Schütz, Gabrieli, and Monteverdi, Francesco Cavalli’s Marian Vespers, Christoph Strauss’ Missa Maria Concertata, and Palestrina's Missa sine nomine preserved in a manuscript of J. S. Bach.

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