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Code Blue by Kendra Juul (2:30)

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Senior Kendra Juul, First Woman to Apply to Les Ateliers UPIC Electronic-Acoustic Studios of Iannis Xenakis, Will Spend July in Paris; August in NYC

By Emily Manzo


For the month of July, Kendra Juul, a double-degree senior (English/TIMARA), will attend Les Ateliers UPIC, the acclaimed electro-acoustic studios of Iannis Xenakis, for a month-long intensive course in electronic music and composition. Yet even prior to her arrival in Paris, Juul has made her mark in the festival's history, as she is the first woman to ever apply and one of the first women to be chosen for the select group of participants.

"The person I sent my application to told me it was such a relief to see that it wasn't an all-boys club anymore," says Juul. Senior TIMARA major Raja Das will also attend this year's program.

Juul, who transferred to Oberlin after her first year from New York University, has thrived here, creatively and academically. With the guidance of Richard Povall, Brenda Hutchinson, Jeffrey Pence, Tom Lopez and Gary Nelson, the majority of her artistic work has been within the mediums of multi-media performance installations and multi-media interactive sculpture. While interested and engaged in aural and visual composition processes via electronic mediums, Juul's English major is never neglected; it is her goal to combine in composition and live performance, the knowledge of cultural, literary, and film theory. She is currently exploring both electronic musical composition--including sample based, improvisatory and DSP--and digital video.

For the four weeks at Les Ateliers, Juul will attend full-day workshops with Gerard Pape, Curtis Roads, Joel Chadabe, and Sylviane Sapir, all leading figures in the electro-acoustic music field. The workshops will focus on specific electronic music programs and other aspects of electronic music creation.

Along with being within walking distance of many cultural attractions in Paris, the group will take field trips in order to observe other aspects of the French and European electronic music scene. Past trips have included Pierre Schaeffer's Groupe de Recherches Musicales at Radio France; IRCAM at the Pompidou Centre; and a Stockhausen electronic music performance in Amsterdam.

At Les Ateliers, Juul's schedule will also include plenty of studio time: three hours a day, five days a week. She feels this will be a good opportunity "to get to know the programs really well. And if I'm only working on one project, which is what I hope to do, it could get pretty focused. I've never had such a regimented schedule before." Brenda Hutchinson, visiting associate professor of composition, says of Juul, "Kendra is creative, energetic and inspiring. She's grappling with ways to be universal rather than gender-specific in her work and that is difficult when you're such a minority as one of few women composers in technology. She's part of a upcoming generation of women who are trying to break into the field, which is apallingly male. But Kendra is moving along. She's a popular choice when people need someone to tech their shows. I'm so pleased with her and for her. Nothing stops her."

For the month of August, Juul will return to New York where she plans work as an intern at Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center, a not-for-profit organization formed with the specific purpose of providing artists with production studios, grant opportunities, education, communal lab practice and distribution of their creative output.

"I'll probably be doing computer maintenance and administrative work," says Juul, "but at least I'll be in a field that I like and will have the opportunity to meet some amazing artists."

Juul has already collaboratively created two large-scale performance installations, in which she co-conceived and co-produced the projects, co-wrote the original music and video, co-choreographed the performance elements, co-designed the spaces, and performed. The first installation was exhibited in the spring of 1999 in Oberlin; the second installation was created and exhibited at The Kitchen in New York City during the summer of 1999 as a part of the Kitchen Summer Institute. Juul also created a solo installation that was exhibited during May 2000 in Oberlin.

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