Healthy Cooking Initiative Timeline

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Healthy Cooking Initiatives

20011%scratch-cooking: roasting deli meats; sustainable seafood purchasing - Monterey Bay Aquarium
20022%rBGH-free milk: Family Fresh Farms/Hartzler's Dairy
20035%antibiotic-free, natural chicken: Gerber's Chicken
20049%only trans-fat free cooking oils used
200515%antibiotic-free, natural turkey: Cooper's Farm; exclusively use cage-free shell eggs; grass-fed natural beef
200622%55%only serve seafood with minimal mercury risk; Bon Appetit healthy cooking initiative program
200730%scratch-cooking: stocks, all salad dressings (except fat-free)
200965%nutrition analysis of Well-Being entrees
201075%Well-Being and in balance meal initiated
201170%provide healthy cooking class to students and staff during Winter Term (2nd year)
201180%75%campus-wide nutrition scan
201280%75%simple 600
2013Well-Being Indicator™

Vegetarian & Vegan

199920%vegetarian/vegan comfort station entree at lunch; vegetarian and vegan entree at dinner
200335%vegan + vegetarian icons; expanded vegan options: pasta, grill, deli
200642%vegan lunch entrees 3 days per week; dessert at least once each week
200844%vegan desserts 3 days per week
201047%vegan comfort entrees 4 days per week
201150%vegan margarine + cream cheese
201250%vegan options webpage

Food Safety Training

ServSafe Certified Cooks
2003allergy awareness classes offered to all management + cooking staff; now required biannually
200512%ServSafe training offered to all cooking staff; continue with biannual and ongoing in-house food safety training
200974%all cooking staff offered ServSafe recertification every 5 years
2009more rigorous time + temperature logs protocol and tracking system
201190%FAAN VP Dr. Chris Weiss audits our allergy protocol and program
2012"made without gluten" menu items identified on online menus
201394%"made without gluten" menu signs introduced at Stevenson + Dascomb

Local Purchasing

Farm to ForkLocal
1995------Whitehouse Springs, A. Lo Presti's & Sons
1999OC purchases shares in George Jones Farm
1999------Miller's Orchard, George Jones Memorial Farm, Gibson's Bakery
2000------Green Mountain Coffee; 1st all-Ohio meal; Oberlin College's Buy Local program
20015%10%Bon Appetit's farm to fork program begins at OC; added Jorgensen's Apiary
20027%15%Family Fresh Co-op Milk, Woo City, Judy's Oasis, Inc.
2002Crooked River and Ag Access
20039%20%Moreland Fruit Farm, Schlabach Amish Bakery, Mrs. Miller's Noodles, Stutzman's Farm, Toft's Dairy, Pura Vida Coffee
200410%25%Hartzler's Dairy, Spring Creek Tofu; Crooked River Coffee Company, Stan Evans Bakery
200513%25%1st Eat Local Challenge meal
200525%Fruitique, City Fresh, Prestis' sandwiches
200615%25%Calala's Water Haven, Inc., Cherry Knoll Farms, Creekside Mushrooms, Inc., Michigan Sugar Company
200717%25%Hirzel Canning Company & Farms- tomato products
200725%Black River Cafe- muffins
200725%50 Local Vendors
200920%25%Sirna & Sons, Inc. replaces A. Lo Prestis & Sons as iocal purveyor
201123%27%Caruso Coffee, Cleveland, Ohio
201223%27%New Creations Farm pork
2013Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream - Columbus; Crimson Cup Coffee - Columbus, Shagbark Seed & Mill - Athens

Updated: 10/27/2013