Dining Committee 2011-12

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The Housing and Dining Committee provides a monthly open forum for students to voice their opinions about the housing and food service programs. For more information, contact Residential Education and Dining Services at or call 440-775-8472.

Purpose & Scope

  • Evaluate Campus Dining Services policies and provide recommendations for change to the H&D Committee.
  • Works in conjunction with the H&D Committee and becomes voting members for the following: Food Service Contracts, facility renovations, meal plan changes, etc.
  • Evaluates current Campus Dining Service operations, includes:
    • Menus, cleanliness, food preparation/presentation
    • Assist in review of evaluation processes: comment cards, comment tables and surveys.
    • Visit dining halls on a regular basis
  • Provides greater opportunities for student input involving standards, operations and future renovation projects.
  • Provides resources for research and comparative analysis. Visit other campuses as needed.
  • Provides opportunities for AC input involving standards, operations and future renovation projects.
  • Works collaboratively with the Campus Dining Service Program.
  • Assists in the planning and organizing of educational programs and publicity


Staff Members:
  • Michele Gross (Chair) - Director of Dining Services
  • Sean Lehlbach - Housing and Dining Assignments
  • Ehrai Adams - Housing and Dining Communication Coordinator
  • Eric Pecherkiewicz - Dietitian
  • Rick Panfil - General Manager of Dining Services
Student Members:
  • Yona Koch-Feinberg - OSCA Representative
  • Rebecca Hargrove - Student Union Board Representative
  • Cynthia Getschow - Student Senate Appointee
  • Alex Posa - Student Senate Appointee
  • Sonya Kaufman - Student Senate Appointee
  • Michelle Jahnke - Student Senate Appointee
  • Abby Halperin - CDS Recycler
  • Brenna Sheldon - CDS Recycler
  • Claire Watson - CDS Recycler
  • Elena Makansi - CDS Recycler
  • Shelby Ziesing - CDS Recycler

Meeting Times - Fall 2011

All meetings of the Committee shall be open to the College Community. The Committee may only call executive sessions to discuss personnel matters. The Committee may not vote on any issue while in executive session.

The Dining Committee meets for dinner from 5-6 pm in an enclosed dining room at Stevenson. The meeting dates are as follows:

  • Monday, October 10, 2011
  • Monday, November 14, 2011
  • Wednesday, December 7, 2011


The Dining Sub-Committee shall be composed of 5-12 students and no more than 5 Administrators.

  • At least one student shall also be a member of, and liaison with the H&D Committee.
  • At least one student should also be a member of the Student Union Board.
  • At least one student should be a CDS Student Manager.
  • At least one student should be a CDS Recycler.
  • At least one student should be an RA.
  • At least one student should be from OSCA.
  • At least one student from EPIG or Env Studies.
  • All students shall be appointed by the Student Appointments Committee. If appointments are delayed beyond September 30, appointments will be made by the Chair of the Committee.
  • To promote continuity, appointments should be made for 2 years where possible.
  • Appointments shall be made so that representation on the Committee is as broadly based as possible with respect to sex, race and living/dining situations. It would be desirable if the student members represented the following groups- Athletes, on-campus housing and off-campus housing status, and class rank representation.
  • Student members must be participating in the College Dining Plan (at the time of appointment). No more than 2 of the student members may be OSCA diners.