Dining Programs

The Faculty and Students Together (F.A.S.T.) Meal Program

  • "The Faculty and Students Together (F.A.S.T.) Meals" program is a way for faculty to join students over lunch or dinner in one of the participating dining halls.
  • A faculty member may invite a student or a student may invite a faculty member and you join each other inside the dining hall.
  • A faculty member may go to Wilder Rathskeller, Stevenson or Lord/Saunders at any meal time, present their faculty OCID card, and say "F.A.S.T. Meal Program."
  • Each faculty member's OCID card has been programmed to include fourteen (14) meals per semester.
  • A student participating in CDS will use one of his or her board meals to enter the dining hall.
  • A student participating in O.S.C.A. may use their one weekly complimentary CDS meal, Obie Dollars, or Student Charge to pay for their meal.
  • We encourage teaching faculty members and students to participate in this program, and hope we will see you eating together soon in one of our dining halls.

Participating Dining Halls

  • Wilder Rathskeller: Lunch
  • Stevenson: Lunch & Dinner
  • Lord/Saunders: Dinner


  • Stevenson Dining Hall is very busy during lunch; therefore, we encourage consideration of the dinner option.
  • Rathskeller reservations are recommended. Extension x55533

Last update: 9/13/2016