DeCafe Dining Area

DeCafé is found in the basement of Wilder Student Union, located in the center of campus

Flex Points, Obie Dollars, Faculty/Staff Charge, Cash

Wilder Greens:  Salads made to order from your choice of eighteen salad items, including organic field greens, artichoke hearts, Kalamata olives, seasoned baked chicken, seasoned baked tofu, and six classic dressings, including dressings made in house

Tappan Square Deli:  Offering made to order deli and specialty sandwiches and wraps; our sandwiches can be made with any combination of ten breads, eleven toppings, eight cheeses, and eight sources of protein

Sensations:  Fruit smoothies just the way you like them!  Choose from seven different fruits and three different bases

Caruso's Organic Coffee is featured at the DeCafé daily.  Select from a variety of dark and light roasts or decaf.  Caruso's Coffee is a shade-grown, fair-trade organic coffee that is roasted locally.  It is available for purchase brewed or in bulk.

Revised 9/13/2010