Title: Purchasing & Auxiliary Services
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Buildings. The Conservatory is housed in a complex of three contiguous buildings designed by Minoru Yamasaki. These include a large classroom building, rehearsal spaces, concert halls, a music library, and a practice facility. An additional space houses the Conservatory Admissions office and several other administrative areas.

Bibbins Hall, the teaching building, contains 40 studios, 10 classrooms, and 16 offices. Private instruction, ensemble coaching, and classroom instruction take place in this building. The Deans' offices, and the TIMARA (Technology in Music and the Related Arts) complex, including a recording studio, are also housed here.

The Central Unit, the rehearsal and concert hall building, houses two concert halls, the orchestra rehearsal room, choral rehearsal room, two small ensemble rehearsal rooms, the percussion teaching studio, the Conservatory Library—one of the largest academic music libraries in the country—including DVD, compact disc, tape and record listening rooms, the Conservatory instrument collection storage room, the Audio Services recording facilities, and the student lounge.

Robertson Hall, the practice building, contains 182 rooms including 150 practice rooms, the Otto B. Schoepfle Vocal Arts Center, the Career Resource Center, the Kulas Organ Center, reed-making rooms, two networked micro-computing labs, faculty studios, and staff offices.

Concert Halls. Warner Concert Hall seats 645. New seating and other renovations took place in 2004. Kulas Recital Hall, especially suited to chamber music concerts, seats 144. Finney Chapel seats 1250; Artist recitals, orchestra, and other large ensemble concerts are performed there.

Conservatory Annex. East of Bibbins Hall, the Conservatory Annex is located on the second floor of the Oberlin Book Store and houses offices for Conservatory Admissions, Public Relations, the Associate Dean for Technology and Facilities, and the Business Manager. Two meeting rooms with media resources are available for use by the Conservatory community.

Hales Jazz Facility. Located in the Hales Gymnasium complex are seven rooms dedicated to Jazz Studies. In addition, the Jazz program uses the Cat in the Cream Coffeehouse for much of their solo and small ensemble performances. The program also uses six dedicated practice rooms in Robertson Hall and five faculty studios within the Conservatory.

Electronic and Computer Music. Eight acoustically isolated and optimized electronic music studios are located in the Conservatory. The TIMARA complex is equipped with a wide selection of state-of-the-art digital synthesizers and Macintosh computers, including a lab with Power Mac computers connected to the network, each with synthesizer keyboards and a full complement of music software. Production facilities include multitrack digital recording, historical analog synthesizers, and a wide variety of signal processing gear.

The Otto B. Schoepfle Vocal Arts Center is the first of its kind to be incorporated into a program of vocal instruction in the United States. Named for a long-time supporter of the Conservatory, this laboratory includes stroboscopic and fiber-optic instrumention that can display four types of vocal analyses concurrently, allowing examination of both the function and the timbre of the artistic singing voice. The laboratory also houses a sonagraph workstation that transforms the phonations of the voice into electrical signals and displays them as waves on a computer screen; a computerized system for analyzing, synthesizing, and manipulating vocal sounds; a nasometer, which measures nasality in the voice; a laryngograph, which determines the accuracy of pitch and vocal onset; a spirometer, which tests critical pulmonary functions to determine vital capacity and flow rate; and a system to measure levels of air flow, air pressure, and sound pressure. Students use the sophisticated audio and video equipment to record, play back, and analyze their performances.
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