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Enrollment and Registration Requirements for College and Conservatory Students

Students must enroll in person at the beginning of each semester by completing an enrollment card and an information sheet for the Student Information files. Students not enrolled by the first day of classes are dropped from their courses and withdrawn. To qualify for full-time standing a student enrolled in a bachelor's degree program must be registered for at least 12 semester hours. (For information about full-time enrollment in other programs, see Conservatory section.)


In April or November, all continuing students register their courses of study for the next semester after consulting with an advisor before registration.

In July and January, after an intent-to-enroll card has been filed, the College sends entering new students a course catalog, a registration supplement and information to plan a program of study. New students register once they arrive on campus, after a meeting with their assigned advisor. Students whose reading proficiency is found inadequate on the basis of required testing during New Student Orientation are strongly advised to enroll in the Efficient Reading course.

Health Certificate and Physician's Statement

Prior to initial enrollment and registration, all students, including graduate assistants, must file with the Office of Student Health a health certificate and results of immunizations and laboratory tests as specified on the Student Health Questionnaire.

Changes in Course Schedule

Students are eligible to receive credit only in those courses for which they register initially or which they add officially through the Registrar's Office. Semester courses can be added or dropped no later than the end of the fourteenth calendar day of the semester. First and second module courses can be added or dropped no later than the seventh calendar day of the module. Semester hour changes in courses with variable credit options must be requested no later than the last day of Reading Period.

The semester's tuition is based on the courses for which a student is registered at the end of the second week of classes.

Deferred Enrollment

Students admitted to the Arts and Sciences division of Oberlin College can request deferred enrollment for up to one year. The Conservatory of Music does not consider admitted students for deferred enrollment.

A written request for deferred enrollment should be submitted to the Director of College Admissions and specifically outline the student's plans for the interim. Approved deferral requires the student's commitment to enroll and a $200 deposit to secure a place in the class. In return, the Admissions Office will hold a place in the entering class of the subsequent September or February, as requested. A letter reconfirming admission and a new intent-to-enroll card will be mailed to all deferred admittees in December or March, prior to their anticipated Oberlin enrollment.

Though requests for deferred enrollment ordinarily will be honored, the Admissions Office has the option to ask for additional information and can deny the request. If attending Oberlin College is one of several options a student is considering after a period of time off, deferred enrollment is unlikely. Rather, the student will be invited to reapply for admission at a later date.

Additional questions about Oberlin's deferred admission policy should be directed to the Director of College of Arts and Sciences Admissions.

Visiting Students

Oberlin welcomes applications from students currently attending colleges and universities in the United States and other countries who wish to study at Oberlin for a limited period. Entrance standards are the same as for regular transfer candidates. Normally, students are accepted for one semester only. In some cases, visiting students may be accepted for an entire year. In recent years, financial aid has not been available for visiting students. (For more details, contact the Admissions Office.)

Transfer of Credit

See Transfer of Credit sections in the College and Conservatory sections of this catalog.

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