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213, 214. Organ Literature, History, and Design 3 hours
An historical survey of organ literature from the 15th century to the present, together with a study of the technical and aesthetic aspects of the organ as an instrument. Semester one covers the period up to 1750; semester two, 1750 to the present. This course will include outside reading and listening assignments as well as analysis and performance projects by members of the class. Offered in alternate years; required of all organ majors. Prerequisites: MUTH 132 and MHST 101, or the equivalent. Consent: Consent of instructor required. Enrollment Limit: 12.
Sem 1 MLIT-213-01 TuTh 1:30-2:45 Mr. Boe
Sem 2 MLIT-214-01 TuTh 1:30-2:45 Mr. Thomson
215, 216. Piano Literature 2 hours
MLIT 215 is an in-depth examination of piano literature from the acceptance of the fortepiano in late eighteenth-century Vienna to the key role of the piano as a symbol of Romantic efflorescence in the mid-1840s. MLIT 216 is a continuation of the study of piano literature from the invention of the "recital" to the piano's multiple meanings in the 20th century. Prerequisites: MHST 101 and MUTH 231 (can be taken concurrently) or consent of the instructor. Enrollment Limit: 26.
Sem 1 MLIT-215-01 TuTh 11:00-11:50 Mr. Chow
Sem 2 MLIT-216-01 TuTh 11:00-11:50 Mr. Chow
220. The Lied 3 hours
Lieder performance, with emphasis on language, style, and the partnership between voice and keyboard. Some consideration of historical background and poetic sources, as well as outside listening and reading. For singers and pianists. Offered in alternate years. Prerequisites: One semester of German. (May be waived for pianists.) Consent: Consent of instructor required. Enrollment Limit: 30.
Sem 1 MLIT-220-01 WF 12:00-1:15 Mr. Highfill
221. The Mélodie 3 hours
Alternates with MLIT 220. Next offered 2001-2002.
300, 301. Survey of Orchestral and Choral Literature 3 hours
A one-year course. Study of stylistic elements, orchestration, vocal writing, formal structure, problem analysis, and historical perspective in a large section of major works. Regular listening assignments. Prerequisites: MLIT 300 is prerequisite to MLIT 301. Enrollment Limit: 15. Open only to conducting majors.
Sem 1 MLIT-300-01 To be arranged Mr. Polivnick
MLIT-300-02 To be arranged Mr. Floyd
Sem 2 MLIT-301-01 To be arranged Mr. Polivnick
MLIT-301-02 To be arranged Mr. Floyd


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