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Third World Studies

Third World Studies is concerned with those areas and peoples of the world that are less politically powerful, economically developed and/or whose cultural survival is threatened. The approach is comparative and multi-disciplinary, encompassing inquiry into the cultures, economies, histories, societies, and politics of the third world. Work sponsored by the Third World Studies Committee is oriented toward inquiry about the third world in general. For this reason, the major is designed so that students do not concentrate exclusively on one particular region of the world. Those wishing to do so are advised to work under the appropriate regional curricular committee or program.
Major. Students interested in majoring in Third World Studies should consult with Professor Marc Blecher, Chair of Third World Studies, or another member of the Third World Studies Committee as soon as possible. Together the student and advisor will work out a proposed program of study. Students declaring Third World Studies as their only major should submit their proposals by the second semester of the sophomore year; double majors should do so no later than the second semester of the junior year.
Majors must complete thirty hours in courses approved by the committee. These must include courses in two different humanities and two different social sciences. Major programs of study must also include an advanced seminar or colloquium to serve as a capstone. No more than four courses focusing on a particular region (Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean, the Middle East and North Africa, sub-Saharan Africa) may count toward the major.
Minor. There is no minor offered in Third World Studies.
Honors. Students interested in honors work in Third World Studies are encouraged to pursue it within the honors program of the department in which they may be double-majoring. If Third World Studies is their only major, the Committee will consider formulating a program of honors work for qualified students in accordance with the procedures outlined by the Independent Majors Committee. Proposals to the Third World Studies Committee to pursue honors work should be made no later than the start of the second semester of the junior year.

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