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International Studies Concentration

The International Studies Concentration is designed to prepare students for careers and pursuits spanning national boundaries. It is grounded in social sciences and focused on contemporary issues in order to develop an understanding of the current dominant modes of international interactions, and the global nature and consequences of those interactions.

The International Studies Concentration may complement the major by including curricular elements that help develop the ability to analyze global issues, to understand the dynamics of cross-cultural communication, and to appreciate the characteristics of regions outside the United States.

Students may choose from more than 100 courses across the curriculum dealing with political, economic, historical, sociological, cultural, religious and linguistic factors shaping contemporary global affairs.

The International Studies Concentration consists of three components:

1. Two core courses - in introductory international relations/international politics and international economics.

2. A minimum of five additional courses from the International Studies Concentration course list. These deal with non-U.S. regions or countries, using humanities and/or social science methodologies. With the help of an International Studies Concentration advisor, the student will develop a program of courses drawn from the list. These will include
(a) not more than two at the introductory level, (b) at least two focused on two different non-U.S. regions or countries, and (c) at least one at the 300/400 level.

3. Language requirement: four college semesters or the equivalent of an appropriate modern foreign language.

Study abroad is strongly encouraged. At least four out of the seven (core and additional) courses must be completed at Oberlin or in Oberlin programs such as the London, Oberlin-in-Europe, or Strasbourg Program.

Any student, regardless of major or minor, can pursue an International Studies Concentration. The International Studies Concentration does not substitute for a major or minor. Its completion will be noted on the student's final transcript along with majors, minors, and honors. Students wishing to pursue this concentration should consult with a member of the International Studies Concentration Committee.

Further information about the ISC requirements, committee, declaration form and course list is available online at http://www.oberlin.edu/~instudnt.

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