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Emerging Arts

The Emerging Arts is a program of experimental courses designed to cultivate current modes of creativity and identify contemporary sources of artistic inspiration. These issues apply equally to all arts disciplines: visual art, choreography, musical composition, filmmaking, writing, performance, new media, etc. They derive from current cultural, social, spiritual, and political circumstances. The courses are designed to prepare students to produce vanguard work that might contribute to the ever-expanding legacy of the arts. Innovative didactic methods are employed to convey this material.


201. External Sources of Inspiration 3 hours
All forms of artistic expression involve determining motives, themes, styles, and processes. Because contemporary culture is so expansive, the process of making these determinations is no longer guided by tradition and precedent. It must be invented by each participant, or chosen from the extensive inventory of creative options currently being practiced. In this course, students are guided through personal explorations of these zones of creative decision-making. Projects are designed to help students discover the means to clarify and communicate their intentions. Innovation, as a product of necessity is encouraged.

Sem 2 EMAR-201-01 TuTh 1:30-4:30 Ms. Weintraub

203. Maverick Artists/Visionary Educators 3 hours
Through a series of intensive, cross-disciplinary workshops directed by distinguished guest artists, students will be introduced to three kinds of innovative experience -- innovative concepts in the arts, innovative creative processes, and innovative techniques of instruction. Education is an essential component of each guest's creative activities. Thus the term vanguard belongs to their roles in the classroom and in the studio. The workshops will culminate in group or individual projects in which students will apply their workshop experiences to their own creative endeavors.

Sem 1 EMAR-203-01 M 8:00-10:00 p.m. Ms. Weintraub

TuTh 1:30-4:30

204. Current Topics in Emerging Arts 3 hours
"Eco-Arts" is an interdisciplinary, project-based course designed to integrate the arts into the ecological mission of the Environmental Studies Program. It is a component of an ongoing curricular program in which course content and format are crafted to suit a timely academic, political, ethical, religious, economic, or social issue. This functional approach directs artistic creativity and innovation toward useful outcomes and current conditions. Eco-Arts invites students from all arts disciplines to work with students in environmental studies to investigate ecological activism.

Sem 2 EMAR-204-01 TuTh 1:30-4:30 Ms. Weintraub