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Although there is no department of education at Oberlin, students have various opportunities to assess their interest in teaching and other careers in education. The Curricular Committee on Education has identified courses, listed below, that are related to the study of education. Included are courses concerning the role of education in society, the role of education as a profession, and educational pedagogy. The Committee encourages students to consider these courses, along with a wide variety of other liberal arts and sciences courses, to prepare for teaching in independent or public elementary and secondary schools, and in order to assess their interest in undertaking professional programs in education at the graduate level.

It is also possible for students to gain supervised experience in tutoring and classroom teaching. The Committee maintains a list of faculty members who are prepared to offer private readings in education, sponsor winter term projects, or advise students on graduate education programs and employment opportunities. The Center for Service and Learning and the Office of Career Services may also be consulted.

Five-Step Program with the Bank Street College of Education. The Bank Street College of Education, a leading-edge institution of early childhood and elementary-level education in New York City, has a cooperative agreement with Oberlin College whereby Oberlin students may study at both institutions for minimally five years. Upon completion of this program they will have an Oberlin B.A., an M.S. in Education from Bank Street College, and New York State Elementary Teacher Certification, which is reciprocal with that of the State of Ohio and a large number of other states. The Education Committee provides advice on the program. Details of the program are available in the Career Center.

Courses In Education

African American Studies
181 Education in the Black Community

388 Black Tests

214 Movement Education: The Art of Teaching in a Variety of Settings

300 Principles of Education (see Education, Conservatory)

This course may be counted toward Arts and Sciences credits.

122 Educational Psychology

216 Developmental Psychology

217 Developmental Psychology Laboratory

219 Cognitive Psychology

125 Sociological Analysis of Society

247 Contested Spaces: Schools and Universities in American Society
277 Race and Ethnic Relations

378 Sociology of the African American Community

Pedagogical Courses

African American Studies
281 Practicum in Tutoring

385 Black Pedagogy

100 Art of Teaching Music (see Education, Conservatory).

This course may be counted towards Arts and Sciences credits.

Environmental Studies
490 Introduction to the Black River Watershed

491 Practicum in Environmental Education

268 Oberlin History as American History

Learning Assistance Program
113 Teaching and Tutoring Quantitative Skills

503 Practicum in Educational Psychology

Rhetoric and Composition
481 Teaching and Tutoring Writing Across Disciplines


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