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Each Oberlin student has an academic advisor for help in planning an educational program consonant with the student's interests and goals. The advisor can offer guidance in evaluating academic strengths and weaknesses and provide information on Oberlin's curriculum and regulations. Entering students are assigned faculty advisors, usually in areas of stated interest. A student may change advisors at any time by asking another faculty member to serve and by notifying the Office of the Dean of Studies. Students who have declared a major are advised by a member of the department in which they are majoring.

Academic Standing

Guidelines. Students are expected to progress toward graduation at a more or less constant rate. Given the graduation requirement of 112 hours, students with no advanced placement or transfer credit should complete an average 14 hours per semester over eight semesters. The required course load each semester is at least twelve credit hours; students who wish to register in any semester for fewer than 12 or more than 16 semester hours must obtain permission in advance from the Office of the Dean of Studies.

There is a minimum level of acceptable accomplishment each semester.

• Students who enter Oberlin with fewer than 14 hours of transfer credit and are in their first semester of enrollment must earn 10 hours of credit.

• After the first semester, students must earn 12 hours every semester.

• Students who at the beginning of a semester need fewer than 12 hours to graduate are required to complete only the hours necessary for graduation.

• Students who begin at Oberlin with at least 14 hours of transfer credit will be required to complete 12 hours each semester. 

• Students who matriculated fall semester 2004 and later must also maintain a minimum GPA of 1.67 in addition to the required minimum credit hours.

The Academic Standing Committee reviews the records of students whose achievement in a given semester falls below the appropriate established minimum. The records of students who withdraw after the end of the ninth week of classes are subject to review by the Committee. The decision of the Academic Standing Committee regarding a student's academic standing is final.

The academic standing of Double-Degree students is determined jointly by the College of Arts and Sciences and Conservatory of Music Academic Standing Committees.

Probation. Students who do not earn the required minimum number of hours and/or GPA in a given semester will usually be placed on academic probation (see below under "Suspension"). Such students will be removed from probation upon meeting the required minimum during the next semester; otherwise, they may be suspended.

Suspension. A student who does not earn the minimum required hours and/or GPA in any semester and who has previously been on probation may be suspended for one or two semesters. For relatively small deficiencies, the student may be continued on probation. Students passing fewer than half the minimum required hours may be suspended for one or two semesters, regardless of whether they have previously been on probation. A suspended student must apply for reinstatement through the Office of the Registrar. The student must also write to the Dean of Studies explaining what he or she has done during the absence and how the student is now better prepared to succeed academically. Letters supporting the request to return are required from the student's academic advisor and someone the student has worked with during the suspension.

Dismissal. If a student has been sent a letter of suspension by the Academic Standing Committee, and if thereafter the student does not earn the required minimum hours and/or GPA in any semester, the Academic Standing Committee may dismiss the student from Oberlin College.
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