Winter Term Internships

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Donna Russell, Assistant Director in the Career Center will serve as the sponsor for all Winter Term internships offered through the office. To receive credit for your Winter Term internship, you must complete a series of meetings, forms and assignments that are designed to enrich and deepen your internship experience.

  1. Attend one of the internship preparation meetings. (Your Winter Term registration form will be signed at the meeting.)


    Tuesday, Nov. 25

    Tuesday, Dec. 2

    Wednesday, Dec. 3

  2. Register for Winter Term with Registrar by Friday, Dec. 5 by 5:00 PM
  3. Sign Internship Waiver Form and drop off at the Career Center in Stevenson-Longman: Due Friday, Dec. 12 by 5:00 PM
  4. Complete Learning Agreement Form (on ObieOpps) with Internship Supervisor: Due Friday, Jan. 9 by 5:00 PM. Select "Internship Credit" from the Shortcut menu on the right side of your Home screen. The Internship Credit screen will display a list of your current and past internships.   Locate your current internship and click the “Edit” button to display the Learning Agreement. Refer to the on-screen instructions to complete the form. Click “Save” when you are done.
  5. Complete the Student Self Evaluation and Student Evaluation of Employer (on ObieOpps) on the final day of your internship.

Internship supervisors will receive the Employer Evaluation of Student directly.

Questions? Contact the Career Center:

  • Career Center
    Stevenson-Longman, 155 N. Professor St.
    Oberlin, OH 44074
  • Phone: 440-775-8140
  • Fax: 440-775-8089
  • Email: