Winter Term Internships

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Application Process

The Career Center uses an online job and internship database called ObieOpps. You must use ObieOpps to apply for Winter Term internships.  Students are encouraged to apply for more than one internship.  We recommend that students apply for three internships, as some internships are very competitive.

Create ObieOpps Profile:

  1. Log in to ObieOpps, the Career Center's online job and internship database
  2. If you are a first time user of ObieOpps, you will need to complete a personal and academic profile before you can search for Winter Term internships.

View and apply to Winter Term internships beginning Monday, Oct. 6

Application deadline is Monday, Nov. 3 at 5:00 p.m.

Application Review Sessions

Resume and Cover Letter Review Sessions @ Career Center

Please view Career Center calendar for dates.
We strongly encourage you to have your resume and cover letter reviewed before applying. You can visit out office during regular drop-in hours (Monday-Friday, 3:00-5:00 p.m.), or schedule a meeting with a career advisor (call 440-775-8140 or stop by the Career Center in Stevenson-Longman).  We will also have extended drop-in hours at the Career Center:

  • Thursday, Oct. 30
  • Friday, Oct. 31
  • Monday, Nov. 3

How to submit Winter Term internship applications through ObieOpps:

These instructions should help you apply for Winter Term internships through ObieOpps. If you have questions or encounter difficulty when you apply for internships, please contact the Career Center or stop by the office during our drop-in hours, Monday thru Friday from 3-5 PM. We will be happy to assist you. See above for days we'll have extended drop-in hours.

  1. Log-in to ObieOpps at the right side of this webpage.
  2. Click on Winter Term under shortcuts or the jobs and internships tab.
  3. Review the Winter Term internship postings, and decide on the positions for which you will apply.
  4. All Winter Term internships require a resume and cover letter. Scroll down to the bottom of the internship description, and carefully review the Additional Documents and Requested Document Notes to see what other documents should be submitted.
  5. If Other Documents is listed under Additional Documents, check the document notes to see what document is requested (this will most often be a list of references, or writing sample, but occasionally employers will request a specific type of document).
  6. Create all the necessary documents, and have them reviewed by a Career Center staff member or Peer Career Advisor (having your application materials reviewed before you apply is strongly recommended).        Convert your documents to PDF before you upload them to ObieOpps.             When you upload a Word document, ObieOpps automatically converts it to PDF. Sometimes this process can take awhile, especially when traffic is heavy (e.g., during Winter Term). To avoid possible delays or glitches, be sure to convert your application materials to PDF before uploading them to ObieOpps. Macintosh computers only: To convert your application materials from Word to PDF: go to File, select Print (you'll see the PDF option at the bottom left), select save as PDF.
  7. When you are ready to apply, log back into ObieOpps, and click on the Documents tab at the top of the page. Click Add New and upload your documents. There is no limit to how many documents you may add to ObieOpps, so you can create targeted materials for each internship. Give each document a unique name so you'll be sure to send it to the correct position. Only 10 documents are accessible in the Documents folder. You can delete documents after you apply to a position and the document will still be accessible with your application.
  8. Go back into the position description for the internship you are seeking.
  9. Under Application Status on the right side of the internship description, you should now see drop-down boxes. Use the drop-down boxes to select your application materials.
  10. Double-check to be sure you've fulfilled all the application requirements, and make sure that you've done everything correctly.
  11. Click the Submit button.

Congratulations; you have applied for a Winter Term internship!