Summer Internship Credit at Oberlin College

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Download the checklist: How to Receive Credit

An internship is a supervised, experiential learning project integrating study and practical work that allows students to acquire and apply knowledge through direct experience in a field related to their academic program. Internships are different from Private Readings, in that they focus on direct experience in a career field.

Oberlin students are eligible to receive one credit for a summer internship, providing it meets certain requirements. To determine whether your internship is eligible for credit, read through the guidelines below. If you meet the guidelines, schedule an appointment with Donna Russell.

Guidelines for Summer Internship Credit:

  • Students may earn one academic credit for each internship completed. The credit will be applied as a general credit, and will not count toward fulfillment of major or distribution requirements. A maximum of two internship credits may be applied toward graduation.
  • Credit for internships must be approved by the Career Center. Internships must be able to fit within an academic context and completed over the summer. Not all internships will be approved for credit. The deadline to have your internship approved for summer 2015 will be early May.
  • Students must complete all paperwork with the Career Center before the internship begins. No retroactive credit will be granted. The deadline to register for summer 2015 will be early May.
  • The administrative fee for a summer internship credit is $50.
  • Students must be at the internship site a minimum of 200 hours.
  • Internships will be graded on a Pass/No Pass basis.
  • Internships can not be paid.
  • The internship site must require credit to participate in the internship.

After Your Internship is Approved

Complete the following:

  1. Online Summer Internship Credit Registration Form.
  2. Submit your signed Waiver Form (.pdf) to the Career Center in person (Stevenson Hall - Longman Commons) or via fax: 440.775.8089.
  3. Review How To Receive Credit for Your Internship (.pdf), and make sure you note the deadlines.

Note: After completing the Waiver and Registration forms, you will be registered for 1 credit.  You are responsible for notifying the Career Center if you choose to no longer receive credit.  You have until early September 2015 to notify the Career Center that you no longer want credit for the internship or you will receive No Pass on your transcript.

Complete the following assignments on ObieOpps during your summer internship:

  1. Assignment 1:Learning Agreement, due within two weeks of the internship start date.
  2. Assignment 2: Mid-Summer Internship Evaluation, due early July
  3. Assignment 3: Final Internship Evaluations, due early September
  4. Assignment 4: Employer Evaluation due early September


To access the forms on ObieOpps:

1. Select "Internship Credit" from the Shortcut menu on the right side of your Home screen. The Internship Credit screen will display a list of your
current and past internships.

2. Locate your current internship and click the “Edit” button to display the Learning Agreement; the Mid-summer Evaluation, Student Self Evaluation and Student Evaluation of Employer tabs are next to the Learning Agreement tab.

3. Refer to the on-screen instructions to complete the form. Click “Save” when you are done.

Note: If you do not submit a completed Learning Agreement, Mid-summer Evaluation, Final Evaluations and meet with Donna Russell by the deadline, you will receive No Pass on your transcript.

Please contact the Career Center at or 440.775.8140 if you have questions.