Contacts for Medical School

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Lynne Bianchi is the Premedical Program Director for Oberlin College.  In addition to advising students interested in applying to graduate programs in medical and allied health careers, Professor Bianchi keeps a list of current students interested in health-related careers and sends them relevant information regarding upcoming events and programs.  Contact her to be added to this list. To schedule an appointment with Professor Bianchi, sign up on the list by her office door, K102 in the Science Center.

Alumni may contact Professor Bianchi via email or phone to discuss any aspects of applying to medical and allied health programs.

On-campus students may also meet with the following faculty advisors on the Health Career Committee:

Lynne Bianchi
Premedical Program Director
Department of Neuroscience
Science Center K102
Oberlin College

Jason Belitsky
Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Science Center N371

Gunnar Kwakye
Assistant Professor of Neuroscience
Science Center K232

Katie Oertel
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Science Center N280

Maureen Peters
Associate Professor of Biology
Science Center K200C 440.775.8320

Jesse Rowsell
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Science Center N379