Oberlin Law Scholars Program

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Program Objectives

  • To attract students interested in law to Oberlin through visible institutional support for students interested in law school and by showcasing student successes.
  • To strengthen preparation and support for students interested in law, allowing students to assess whether law is the right direction for them, and resulting in more students/graduates gaining acceptance to and attending top law schools.
  • To provide Oberlin students with an opportunity to prepare for and compete in regional/national mock trial competitions.
  • To develop a peer community of students interested in the study of law in preparation for a wide range of careers.

As a result of the program, Oberlin Law Scholars will be able to clarify their interest in law, and:

  • Apply critical thinking, analytical and research skills to law.
  • Demonstrate the oral and written communication skills of oral advocacy, legal writing, and general presentation skills.
  • Understand the law and the judicial process.
  • Strengthen their ability to work in teams, as well as independently.
  • Build a resume of solid, law-related experience.
  • Position themselves for admittance to top law schools.
  • Build long-term mentoring relationships with Alumni Associates.

Staff and Faculty Responsibilities

The coordination and implementation of the program will be a collaborative effort of:

  • Ronald Kahn, Director of the Oberlin Law Scholars Program, James Monroe Professor of Politics and Law, and Chair of the Law and Society Major at Oberlin College
  • Richard Berman, Director of the Career Center, and Coordinating Pre-Law Advisor for Oberlin
  • Faculty, staff, and alumni provide additional support for the program