Oberlin Law Scholars Program

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Current Scholars

In order to officially complete the internship portion of the Oberlin Law Scholars Program (OLSP), each Law Scholar must complete the following:

  1. Accept an internship through the Career Center, and notify Richard Berman, Director of the Career Center, that the internship has been confirmed. Next, follow steps 2 through 7 below.


    Secure an alternate internship, and have the alternate internship approved for the Law Scholars program by Richard Berman and Ronald Kahn of the Oberlin Law Scholars Program.
    • To receive approval, you will need to provide a description of the internship, along with an estimate of the number of hours you plan to serve as an intern.
    • If you receive approval for an internship you have not yet completed, please follow steps 2 through 7 below.
    • If you receive approval for an internship you have already completed, you will be expected to provide a Reflection Paper (outlined in #6 below).
    • For an internship you have already completed, please also submit a note from your supervisor to Richard Berman. The note should briefly evaluate your performance during the internship, and confirm the number of hours you completed. Your supervisor may submit the note directly to richard.berman@oberlin.edu.
  2. Complete the Law Scholars Internship Registration Form (in the information packet) and the Waiver (separate document, sent via email), by Friday, May 9, and submit these to the Career Center in Stevenson Hall. Any extensions to this deadline must be approved by Richard Berman.
  3. Internships generally last for about 8-10 weeks. A longer or shorter internship may be arranged, depending on your situation and that of your site. Internships are generally intended to be full-time commitments, with the intern completing 35-40 hours per week. If the number of weeks or number of hours poses a hardship for you or your site, please talk with Richard Berman in the Career Center about an alternative schedule.
  4. You are expected to clarify the details and logistical arrangements for your internship site with your supervisor prior to your first day (start date, end date, expected arrival and departure times each day, appropriate dress for your site, who your contact at the site will be, etc.). You are expected to follow these guidelines consistently, or to talk with your supervisor in advance if you need to make alternate arrangements (for example, asking permission if you know you would like to leave early on a certain day).
  5. You are expected to contact Richard Berman as soon as possible if you encounter difficulties at your internship site that you are unable to resolve with your supervisor. Of course, you’re also welcome to stay in touch with questions, for support with challenges, or just to let us know how things are going!
  6. Assignments: These are designed to help you identify and achieve your learning goals for the internship, to provide a forum for you to receive structured feedback on your work, and to ensure that Oberlin will receive feedback to help us continue to improve the program for both sites and students in future years. The deadlines listed are for the summer; these can be adjusted if your internship takes place at a different time.
    • Learning Agreement, due Friday, June 6: Completed at your internship site, with your supervisor. The form is included in this packet.
    • Mid-Summer Status Update, due Friday, July 4: Completed via an online form. You will receive an email when the form is available.
    • Final Evaluation, due Friday, September 5: Completed at your internship site, with your supervisor. The form is included in this packet. Don’t forget to complete it before leaving your site!
    • Reflection Paper, due Friday, September 5: Complete a 2-3 page reflection paper on your summer internship. Use the following suggested topics and questions to guide this reflection. Write a summary of your internship. Use the summary to analyze and evaluate your internship. What did you learn? What was challenging? What did you find particularly rewarding? Did the internship match your expectations? How was your overall experience at this internship site? How has this internship affected your thinking about the law and legal careers? How will this experience affect your plans for the future?
  7. Finally, we hope and expect that you will learn a great deal about the law and law-related careers, become more aware of your own legal and career interests, meet some inspiring people, make a meaningful contribution, and have a great internship!

Please Note: The Career Center is able to provide assistance with locating free or low cost housing for students completing unpaid internships. If you would like help with locating housing during your internship, please contact the Career Center at 440.775.8140 or career.center@oberlin.edu to set up an appointment.