Oberlin Law Scholars Program

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Legal Advocacy Course

Each Oberlin Law Scholar will take the one-module course in Legal Advocacy. Topics in the course include: approaching a case and developing a core theory; information literacy and research skills; legal writing (pre-trial motions, legal research memoranda, oral arguments, and briefs); presenting oral arguments; court procedures and decorum; and professional responsibility and ethics. Students will participate in an on-campus Mock Trial.

Mock Trial

Mock Trial is a simulated trial court proceeding which will be conducted within the Legal Advocacy Course, offered by an alumnus and assisted by a faculty member. Law Scholars will work in teams to research legal issues of a case before the Court, write briefs, and present oral arguments to the Court. During the course, alumni speakers will discuss trial (and appellate) court process and skills of legal advocacy, including how to write a legal brief and present and respond to oral arguments. Alumni will be invited to serve as mentors and judges. It would be expected that some of the Law Scholars participate in Oberlin's mock trial team that goes to regional/national competitions.

Internships or Shadowing Experiences

The Oberlin Law Scholars Program provides Scholars with priority assistance in securing internships with highly visible and respected organizations. Stipends for internships will not be available through the Law Scholars Program. In the event that a Scholar is not able to complete an internship, assistance can be provided with arranging a shadowing experience during Winter Term or a semester break.

The Distinguished Speakers Series

The Oberlin Law Scholars program will sponsor up to five speakers and/or workshops per year. Some speakers will give a primary talk for the entire campus community, and whenever possible, Law Scholars will spend additional time with the speaker in an informal setting. Additionally, Law Scholars may have opportunities forĀ guided preparation for the talks. Other speakers will offer a talk or workshop specifically for Law Scholars.

Career Advising and Assistance in Applying to Law School

Group and individual assistance for preparing and applying to law school will be an on-going component of the Oberlin Law Scholars Program. Additional events, including field trips such as a visit to a law school, visits to law firms, or to observe court proceedings, may be planned throughout the year.

Alumni Associates Program

Alumni will be available to the Scholars in support of the Program's components such as the Mock Trial, for assistance in clarifying and learning about the different areas of law practice, and to offer support and advice.