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Fellowships: Major Fellowships

Oberlin College has a special advisor in Student Academic Services for students who wish to pursue fellowship opportunities. Carol Sedgwick can assist you in determining the fellowships appropriate for your academic and personal goals and will then refer you to the faculty advisor associated with the specific fellowships you wish to pursue. Email her or call ext. 58447 for an appointment to discuss your plans.

The Fellowship Office
Career Services
Stevenson-Longman Commons

Name of Fellowship
Application Deadline
Beinecke Memorial Scholarship

[ More Info...]

Encourages and enables students to take advantage of graduate study programs, generally those in the liberal arts.

Advisor: Rebecca Leydon
Bibbins 201

$2000 to be awarded upon completion of junior year and $15,000 for each of 2 years of graduate school. Top of class academically; US citizen or US national. College junior or 4th year double degree student who expects to receive a bachelor's degree at the end of the following year.

Campus Deadline: February 8, 2010

Compton Foundation Mentor Fellowship Program

[ More Info...]

This program offers students the chance to devise and implement innovative programs that focus on environment and sustainable development.  Of particular interest are projects focusing on climate change and energy policy.

Advisor: Mary Garvin
SC A139

Stipend of $36,000.

College senior or

December graduate

Campus Deadline:
Monday, February 23, 2009
Fulbright Grants

[ More Info...]

Enables American students, artists, scholars, and other professionals to benefit from unique resources in 100 countries.


Michael Fisher

(Full Grants)
Rice 314

Steve Huff

(ETA Awards)
Peters 216

Provides round-trip transportation, language or orientation courses, tuition and maintenance for the academic year. College senior or graduate. For full grants, minimum GPA of 3.6; specific research project; linguistic competency necessary to implement the project successfully.  For ETA's, minimum GPA 3.3.

The Fulbright application must be completed online and a paper copy given to the Oberlin faculty advisor by:

Tues. September 15, 2009

Online application currently open

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

[ More Info...]

Enables students to study at the University of Cambridge, in pursuit of either a second bachelor's degree or a graduate degree.

Advisor: Carol Sedgwick
Career Services

Provides funding for all university and college fees, a maintenance allowance, and a contribution towards airfare. College senior or graduate. Must apply to Cambridge University. International students are eligible!  Applicants will be reviewed and further applications sent to those eligible by the Gates/Cambridge trust. Oct. 15, 2009 for those pursuing a master's degree who are not  current Cambridge students
Goldwater Scholarship

[ More Info...]

Intended to support undergraduates during their junior and/or senior year. Available for students majoring in mathematics or science, with an interest in research and intending to go to graduate school.

Advisor: Manish Mehta
Science Center, N 278

300 Scholarships of varying amounts will be awarded. Apply as a sophomore or junior. Contact the chair of your major department. Applications materials are available from Manish Mehta.

Early December 2009.

Further details are currently available online.

Jack Kent Cooke

[ More Info...]

Given to outstanding students with demonstrated financial need. For graduate work in the US or abroad.

Advisor: Carol Sedgwick
Career Services

Approx. 76 awards given each year. Maximum available award is $50,000 per year and the maximum length is 6 years. For graduating seniors or graduates under 26. Strict minimum GPA of 3.5. Oberlin is allowed to nominate a total of 2 applicants. No nationality restrictions!

Campus Deadline:

first Monday in March, 2010

Jacob K. Javits Fellowship

[ More Info...]

For students who plan to undertake graduate study leading to a doctoral degree or M.F.A. at accredited institutions in the US in selected fields of the Arts, Humanities, or Social Sciences.

Advisor: Jan Miyake Rogers
Bibbins 213

Pays tuition and fees for up to 48 months or the completion of the degree and a stipend of up to $18,000 as deteremined by the student's assessed financial record. Download application from Javits website.

Foundation deadline:

October 2, 2009

for receipt of all items

You must have your official GRE scores by this date as well

FAFSA forms due by Jan. 31, 2010

Please note that the application requires GRE scores in almost every subject area, now including music. The official scores must be included in the application.

James Madison Memorial Fellowship

[ More Info...]

Grants to strengthen teaching in the nation's secondary schools about the framing, principles, and history of the US Constitution.

Advisor: Carol Sedgwick
Career Services

Junior Fellows: Maximum of $24,000 for up to 2 years of full time study. US citizen or national; must qualify for study toward Master's degree in one of the designated programs; agree to teach American History, Government or Social Studies full time in secondary school for no less than one year for each full academic year of study.

Campus Deadline:

February 8, 2010

Luce Scholar Program

[ More Info...]

Sends approximately 15 outstanding young Americans to Asia each year for professional apprenticeships.

Advisor: Carol Sedgwick
Career Services

Significant basic stipend and separate cost-of-living allowance; special funds available for language instruction. Program directed toward those who are NOT Asian specialists. Must be US citizen, under age 30, graduating senior or graduate who has worked in a career field for at least two years since graduation.

Requires Oberlin endorsement

Campus deadline:


Friday, October 16, 2009

Luce Foundation must receive endorsed applicant materials by Monday, November 2, 2009.

Mitchell Scholarships

[ More Info...]

US-Ireland Alliance offers 12 awards for one year of study at any of the 7 universities in the Republic of Ireland and the two universities in Northern Ireland.

Advisor: Carol Sedgwick
Career Services

The award substantially covers all graduate expenses. US citizen, competitive GPA, leadership portential, strong social concerns, good communication skills, portential to promote Irish-American understanding.

Online submission by: October 5, 2009

Online application is now open. 

Marshall Scholarships

[ More Info...]

The British government offers 30 awards for two years of study toward a British degree at any university in the UK.

Advisor: Brian Alegant
Bibbins 211

The award substantially covers all graduate expenses. US citizen; 3.7 GPA in college courses beyond the first year; leadership potential; strong social concerns; good communication skills; potential to promote British-American understanding; cannot switch academic fields.

Campus deadline: Sept. 15, 2009

Online Submission deadline: October 1, 2009

this includes recommendations

Requires Oberlin nomination

Morris K. Udall Scholarships

[ More Info...]

In honor of Morris Udall's legacy of public service in the areas of environment, public lands, natural resources, and Native American society

Advisor: Harlan Wilson

Rice 209


One year of support to a maximum of $5000. Available to sophomores and juniors who 1) have outstanding potential and intend to pursue careers in environmental public policy, or 2) are of Native American or Alaskan native descent. Campus deadline: February 16, 2009

National Science Foundation

[ More Info...]

The National Science Foundation offers 1000 graduate fellowships in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. These provide 3 years of support for graduate study leading to research-based master's or doctoral degrees.

Advisor: Check with your primary advisor in your science major

The award covers all graduate expenses plus a generous living stipend.

US citizen; strong scientific research background is required! Intended for students who are at the early stages of their graduate study.

Application include GRE scores!

Deadline for entering the competition is approximately November 1, 2009

There are slightly different dates, depending on your field of study. 

Oberlin College Fellowships for Alumni

[ More Info.../App Instructions]
[Download App.]

Oberlin has a number of fellowships for graduates who wish to continue graduate study in this country or abroad at schools other than Oberlin. Primarily for doctoral research.

Advisor: Paula Richman
Rice 329

Varying stipends

Preference given to proposals from alumni who have graduated a least two years prior to the application deadline. Applicant must be pursuing graduate studies and/or must provide proof of acceptance into their program no later than April 15th of the application year.

Applicants who have not previously received a fellowship are given priority.

February 15, 2010

Application must include: completed application form, recommendations, official transcripts. and grant proposal. The application form is available to be downloaded using the link on the left at this site.

Oberlin Shansi Memorial Association Fellowship

[ More Info...]


A two-year fellowship to live and teach at the following exchange sites:
The American College
Madurai, India
Yunnan University
Yunnan Province, China
Shanxi University
Taigu, China
Obirin University
Tokyo, Japan
Gadiah Mata University
Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Advisor: Carl Jacobson
Peters 103

Award includes round-trip airfare, intensive language study the summer before departure, salary (according to country), in Asia travel stipend of $1,000 per summer. All conservatory and college seniors are eligible to apply, regardless of major. Graduates from the previous three classes are also eligible. Monday, October 26, 2009
Rhodes Scholarship

[ More Info...]

Awards 32 scholarships nationally for two years of study in all fields at Oxford Univerity.

Advisor: Steven Volk
Rice 309

Stipend covers cost of tuition and living expenses at Oxford University. Very rigid. Must be a US citizen; GPA as close to 4.0 as possible; integrity of character; interest and respect for humanity and social concerns; demonstrated physical vigor which would enable him/her to make an effective contribution.

Students must give a copy of their applications to the faculty advisor by Sept. 15, 2009 for possible endorsement.

NEW!  Rhodes application is online this year!

Endorsed Applications must be sumitted online by: October 5, 2009

recommendations and institutional endorsement:

submitted by October 13, 2009

Simon Fellowship for a Noble Purpose

[ More Info...]

Approximately 6 grants

Advisor: Carol Sedgwick
Career Services

$40,000 unrestricted cash grant Citizenship not specified. Awards made to graduating seniors who are pursuing a goal that will strengthen civil society.

Tentative Date:

February 15, 2010


Soros Fellowships for New Americans

[ More Info...]

All fields of study, whether leading to advanced professional or research degrees.

Advisor: Carol Sedgwick
Career Services

$20,000 per year plus 1/2 tuition charges for up to 2 years of graduate study An applicant must either 1) be a resident alien 2) be a naturalized US citizen 3) be the child of a naturalized Amercan citizen. Open to graduating senior under age 30.

Foundation Deadline: November 1, 2009

No internal review required

Truman Scholarships

[ More Info...]

Designed to promote careers in public service.


Advisor: Bill Friedman

Severence, 228B


Varying scholarship amounts up to $30,000 for tuition, fees, books, room and board, and other expenses. Must be a US citizen; scholarship awarded on the basis of merit to students who will be college seniors next academic year; GPA of 3.7 or above; potential for leadership in public service; demonstrate relevant graduate study plan.

Campus Deadline: Monday, December 7, 2009

Online application is open

Watson Fellowship

[ More Info...]

Enables college graduates of unusual promise to engage in an initial postgraduate year of independent study and travel abroad. Provides an opportunity for focused and disciplined Wanderjahr of one's own devising. Applicants go through an initial campus selection process.

Advisor: David Walker
Rice 30

$25,000 grant. Guaranteed student loans are also paid for the year. Spouse/dependent allowance of $10,000
Graduating seniors are eligible for nomination. Students should present a coherent project uniquely suited to their interests and abilities. Demonstrated integrity, strong ethical character, and intelligence.

Campus Deadline: October 2, 2009

Application, recommendations, official transcripts proposal and personal statements must be received in the Career Services Office, Stevenson-Longman Commons

Winston Churchill Scholarships

[ More Info...]

11 awards are given for one year of graduate study in Engineering, Mathematics, or Science at Churchill College, Cambridge, England, leading to a certificate, diploma, or Master of Philosophy.

Advisor: Chris Martin        Wright Laboratory x56730


The Churchill Scholarship is worth between $44,000 and $50,000. It covers tuition and fees, a living allowance, a travel stipend, and additional funds for presentations at international conferences. 

Must be a US citizen between the ages of 19 and 26; holder of a Bachelor's degree from a US institution by beginning of academic year for which the scholarship is funded. Applications from nominees must reach the foundation by November 12, 2008. Completed application materials must reach the campus advisor, Chris Martin, by November 2, 2009 in order to be considered.