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Applying for Fellowships

The fellowships office works with Oberlin College students and alumni interested in applying for nationally competitive scholarships and fellowships. In collaboration with faculty advisors, we advise applicants to most major undergraduate and post-graduate awards.

 Each year, Oberlin students achieve some of the most prestigious awards for graduate study, travel, and research in many parts of the world.  Preparing for these amazing opportunities requires work well in advance of submission deadlines, often a semester or more in advance, so it makes sense to explore fellowships early in your college career. Beginning as early as your first year at Oberlin, look for fellowships that match your interests and experience. Use this website to start your exploration, but also consult fellowship advisors, your professors, and others. Watch for announcements and information meetings throughout the year, and do visit the fellowships office to tell us about yourself, your interests, and your vision for the future.  We are conveniently located in Stevenson, Longman Commons. Just ask at the Career Center.

Fellowship advising is not limited to the awards listed on this site. If you identify an opportunity that is not listed, let us know about it and help you apply.


 National and International fellowships are highly competitive and require a lot of work.  If the process itself weren’t rewarding, it might not make sense to apply.  But it is.  Fellowship applicants know themselves and their goals much better by the time their applications are submitted, whether or not they win the fellowship.   They have had valuable, repeated conversations with professors and advisors, at least three of whom have written them letters of recommendation. They have a personal statement, a project proposal, and/or a research plan to be proud of.  In some cases they have had the chance to interview with recognized experts in their field.  They have done much of the work for applying to graduate schools, jobs, or other opportunities for service or funding.  They are much better prepared.