Winter Term Internships: Guidelines

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The following guidelines are in place to help you understand the responsibilities and expectations of the internship site, the student, and the College.

The staff of the Career Center, will be available throughout the Winter Term internship period to answer any questions that you may have about intern responsibilities and supervision.

Time Commitment/Academic Credit

  • Winter Term 2015 officially begins on Monday, January 5 and ends on Wednesday, January 28, but students and site supervisors may negotiate their own internship start and end dates.
  • Students earn either a half credit or a full credit for their Winter Term internships.  The time commitment for a half credit internship is 50 hours; the time commitment for a full credit internship is 100 hours.  A student registered for Winter Term credit may not be paid for work associated with his or her internship.
  • Internships should consist of "substantive work" that's interesting and challenging. While it could include some amount of routine clerical or support tasks, the experience should increase the student’s level of skills and responsibility.


  • The organization/alumnus/alumna offering a Winter Term internship must provide the student with a site supervisor who will oversee the student's day-to-day work.
  • The site sponsor will help the student develop internship goals that will be written down in a learning agreement at the beginning of the internship and will complete an evaluation at the end of the internship. Both the learning agreement and the evaluation will be available on ObieOpps for the Career Center to review.
  • Students will submit a final evaluation directly to the Career Center or their faculty sponsor. We strongly suggest that the site supervisor also solicit the student's feedback on the internship through an exit interview, in order to help the student develop the skill of giving professional feedback and to help the site plan most effectively for future interns. This will also help prepare the student to complete the final evaluation. Sites that provide a structured opportunity for students to reflect and give feedback often tell us that this exercise is invaluable in helping the site improve the internship for future years. When possible, we will also try to follow-up with individual internship sites over the spring and summer to collect input on the Winter Term internship program, and share any pertinent student feedback.


The Career Center will serve as the campus sponsor for all Winter Term internships.