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Oberlin College Lanes
180 W. Lorain Street
Oberlin, OH 44074


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Oberlin College Lanes

College Lanes has many supplies for sale. We have just about anything for a bowler's bag of tricks including Rosin, Cleaner, Tape, Skin Patch, Grip Sacs, even Microfiber Towels.

If equipment is what you are looking for, we can order shoes, grips, braces, and many other items that a bowler needs for their arsenal. Some items can be ordered and received in just two business days.

Although we do not have a pro shop, we are more than happy to advise bowlers on ball purchases. We have several industry catalogs available for browsing.

If College Lanes Apparel is what you are looking for, we do have t-shirts, hats, and towels available for purchase. Best of all, proceeds from these sales will help support the Oberlin College Bowling Team!

"Say No to Crank" T-Shirt

Cranking: generating revolutions using a cupped wrist and a bent elbow or muscled armswing. Crankers often use a technique known as plant and pull, hardly using any slide on their final step and pulling the ball upwards for leverage.

Say "no" to future shoulder, wrist, and knee surgery with this stylish t-shirt.


"A Good Place to Bowl" T-Shirt

Step One: Push ball into armswing
Step Two: Allow ball to drop into swing
Step Three: Ball reaches top of backswing
Step Four: Ball passes knee towards release

Now you can show everyone where you practice your bowling technique.


Oberlin College Lanes Hats

"Tournament rule 27a: Hats may be worn. All hats must be tasteful in nature and may not contain any obscenities or inappropriate images."

There are few hats that are any more qualified than these.


College Lanes Crying Towel

"Don't forget your towel."
~The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy

Bowlers may also benefit from this advice.


All items available for purchase at the College Lanes service counter


Supplies and Merchandise