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Microfilm Records of Westwood Cemetery, 1861-1972

Reproduced on this roll of microfilm are records that were created by the Oberlin Cemetery Association. This organization operated Westwood Cemetery until 1944 when the City of Oberlin assumed responsibility. Although the City instituted new record keeping proceedures it continued to record in thevolumes that indicate lot locations. Thus entries are as recent as 1972 when this microfilm was made.

The records consist of six volumes and the pages of one notebook. They appear in the following order:

Records of the Oberlin Cemetery Association, 1961-1912

[Includes consititution, by-laws, membership list and minutes of meetings.]

Burial record, August 20, 1863 - March 23, 1927.

Burial record, Aubust 20, 1863 - April 9, 1937.

[Much of this is a duplication of the previous volume.]

Alphabetical list of lot owners, 1863-1944

[Notebook pages.]

Lot locations, sections A-I.

Lot locations, sections I-V.

Lot locations, all sections.s

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