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Donation Request insert


Oberlin's City of the Dead.


Donations may he made to Oberlin College, and endowments for new buildings, to enhance its beauty and utility.

The College is growing and will still grow and every lover of Oberlin, its college and its history, will reflect with just pride upon what it has accomplished, but the tendency is that the new will overshadow the old, and the names of the originators, the builders, the men and the women who stood the brunt of establishing what has culminated in the grand college of today, will be lost sight of in a great measure in the immense improvements of the 20th century.


Were it not for them, their acts, their privations and their devotion, there would bee no occasion today in Oberlin for the erection of new buildings, new departments, new professorships and new presidents, with plans and on ideas commensurate with the requirements Of the 20th century.

These dead laid the foundation, nursed its growth, devoted their lives and talents to building the superstructure, on which present developments obtain a firm foundation.. The work was well done. The workers have gone to their reward. Their remains now repose in Westwood.

Students of today, tomorrow and the future will visit their graves and will contemplate and receive inspiration from their history, and they will look with interest on the surroundings marking their last resting place.

It is of importance to Oberlin college, to Oberlin citizens and to all well wishers of Oberlin that these surroundings are tasteful, the show that the people's love and interest remain with their honored dead.

Let us cite the names of but a few sleeping their last sleep in "Westwood" who were once the most prominent factors in Oberlin's developement.

Ex-President C. G. Finney.
Professor John Morgan.
Professor James Dascomb.
Professor G. A. Allen.
Professor John Clark.
Professor John M. Ellis.
Hon. James Monroe.
Rev. Dr. James Brand.

Your wife, your daughter, your son, your husbands name may not be mentioned here, but if buried in "Westwood" his resting place is among the best.

If you have a loved one buried here, rest assured that interest enough will be taken to make the last resting place as attractive as funds will allow.

If you can contribute to aid in the general idea for beautifying this last resting place do so and your contribution will be well awarded.

Let us make it a Cemetery that will reflect credit of Oberlin College, and one which will show the rising generation that the efforts made by those who have gone before, are esteemed by those who have survived them.


We want financial aid to establish a fund of $25,000 for Cemetery purposes.

“Westwood” is beautifully laid out and can be made an ideal Cemetery, but owing to the lack of funds we are unable to undertake more than the commonest care of the grounds.

We need an endowment fund of at least $25,000 to be used in improvements and the perpetual care of the grounds, avenues, and etc.

With this amount at interest we could I have a fund to be drawn from that would permit us to continually improve the Cemetery until it would be in such a condition as would reflect credit on the town, the college, and the people who have friends and relatives reposing in it.

With this amount we could so improve the Cemetery that when yourself or visitors came to Oberlin that they would visit “Westwood” as one of the most attractive places of interest. We want to have it so that college professors and the students can take their friends there and point with pride to the last resting places of prominent factors in Oberlin's his-tory who have laid down their life work and gone to their reward.

Will you help its to accomplish this object?

If so you will some day be proud of your donation.

President, A. Z. Tiliotson. Mrs. D. Bradley.
Treasurer, C. T. Brekwith. Mrs. S. Sorter.
Secretary, M. Jensen. Mrs. E. Lyman.
Trustee, J. N. Stone. Professor F. F. Jewett.
Trustee, J. H. Vincent. Rev. C. N. Pond.
Trustee, P. H. Finley.  

I earnestly favor these recommendations.


President of Oberlin College.

Insert in "Westwood Cemetery" booklet, published by Oberlin Cemetery Association, 1901. Subject file, Oberlin College Archives.

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