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35. Warner Gymnasium (1901-    )

Warner Gymnasium

Artist’s rendering of Warner Gymnasium, n.d.

30 North Professor Street

Ground was broken for Warner Gymnasium in August, 1900, and the building was completed in the fall of 1901. It was named in honor of its donors, Dr. and Mrs. Lucien C. Warner, of New York, who provided $45,000 for the building together with an endowment fund of $5,000. An addition to the gymnasium, also provided by Dr. and Mrs. Warner, was completed in March 1912, costing $35,000. It is a gymnasium for men. Warner Gymnasium is constructed of Ohio sandstone. Patton, Fisher and Miller, of Chicago, were the architects, and George Feick, of Sandusky, the builder. It is located southwest of Peters Hall on the site of the old Gymnasium (Second). The first floor contains offices, examining rooms, and custodian’s room, waiting rooms, trophy room, and in the rear, rooms containing lockers. In the basement are the ball cage, courts for hand ball and other indoor games, and lockers for members of athletic teams. The main gymnasium hall is on the second floor, 65 by 110 feet, 22 feet high on the sides, and 40 feet high in the center; around the gymnasium, suspended from the roof, is a running track, measuring nineteen laps to the mile. There is a visitors’ gallery at the north end. [Warner Center now houses home to the College’s theater and dance department. The second floor holds several practice and performance spaces, while faculty offices can be found on the first floor, along with the box office, with changing rooms and storage areas on the first floor and in the basement.]

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