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30. Talcott Hall (1887-    )

Talcott Hall

Talcott Hall, n.d.

2 South Professor Street

The construction of Talcott Hall was begun in August, 1886. It was named in honor of Mr. James Talcott, of New York City, who gave $20,000 for its construction. The money received from the insurance from the Ladies Hall (Second) was also used in the construction of Talcott Hall. It is located at the southwest corner of Professor and College Streets, upon the same site as the Ladies Hall (Second), which was destroyed by fire in January, 1886. It is constructed of Ohio sandstone, and the total cost including furniture, was $65,000. Weary and Kramer, of Akron, were the architects. Talcott Hall is a dormitory for women and accommodates seventy women for room and board and seventy or eighty additional persons for table board. [Talcott is now home to 78 co-ed students from all four class years. Common living areas and a dining hall are on the first floor, while student rooms are on the upper floors.]

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