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63. Martin Block (1919-1955)

Martin Block

Martin Block, n.d.

The Martin Block, at 32-34 East College Street, was purchased by the College in 1916. The use for College purposes of a part of the block began in 1919 when the office of the Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds was established there. When the plan was adopted in 1920 of the centralized purchase and distribution of supplies for college residences and dining halls, a College Market was opened in this block. These uses have continued until the present time. The carpenter, plumbing, and paint shops of the College were located east and north of the Martin Block in the year 1930, after the construction of the new Theological Quadrangle made it necessary to remove them from their former location. The Martin Block was erected in 1908 by Mr. H.J. Martin. [The third story was removed in the summer of 1941 for safety reasons. The department of Buildings and Grounds moved to the Service Building in the summer of 1949. The Martin Block was torn down during 1954-55 in preparation for the building of the new Oberlin Inn.]

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