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75. La Maison Française (1930-1953)

La Maison Francaise

La Maison Française, n.d.

Since September 1, 1930, the Lauderdale residence at 135 West College Street has been operated by the College as a French House. The house is under the supervision of a native French directrice, Madame Marie-Jeanne Lahaurine Johnston. French is the prevailing language of the house. Residence in the house is valuable supplement to the regular class work of the department. The house has rooming accommodations for twenty women and provides table board for forty additional persons. Prior to the use of the Lauderdale house for this purpose, a French House, under the same management, was conducted for three years in the Royce House at 118 West College Street. [The Lauderdale house was built in 1907 by Dr. Lauderdale, a dentist. In 1953, the property was purchased by Mr. and Mrs. Glann Ritter. The French House then moved to the former Graduate House at 58 E. College Street. In 1955-56, French House was mobed to Webster Hall. In 1963-64, French House was moved to Baldwin.]

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