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Illustrated Building Guide

Cincinnati Hall or "Slab Hall" (1835)

The Illustrated Building Guide began with descriptions of College and Oberlin town buildings that appeared in the 1936 Alumni Catalogue and a set of building cards created by the College Secretary's office and maintained by the Archives. Jonathan Thurn, Class of 2003, created this online illustrated guide for buildings erected before 1937 as a student project in 2000 using photographs and engravings in the collections as illustrations.

In 2010 Caroline Casey, Class of 2011, updated the Illustrated Buildings Guide to include all structures constructed up through 2010. Information for these new entries was condensed from materials at the Archives and from the websites of architects for certain campus buildings. Photographs were collected from the Archives and from the Oberlin College website.

For a current, interactive campus map see the College website's Visitor Information page. Additional information on facilities and certain buildings can be found in the Media Information's Photo Gallery. The Archives holds pertinent records on College buildings; see Holdings for more information (particularly Architectural Records).

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