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78. Crane Swimming Pool for Women (1931-1954)

Crane Swimming Pool for Women

Crane Pool, n.d.

The Crane Swimming Pool for Women, the gift of Mr. and Mrs. Winthrop Murray Crane, Jr., and their daughter, Barbara, of Dalton, Mass., stands at the entrance to Galpin Field. The architect was the firm of Walker and Weeks of Cleveland. Ground was broken October 28, 1930, and the pool was opened for use May 12, 1931. The large room on the east side contains two pools, the main pool 75 feet long by 35 feet wide, and a smaller pool 35 feet by 15 feet. There is a visitors’ balcony extending along the entire length of the west wall. The lower extension of the building to the west contains offices, locker and shower rooms, a game room, and other auxiliary rooms. The total cost, including equipment, was $125,000. [Crane Swimming Pool adjoined Hales Gymnasium before 1954. It was later demolished.]

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