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97. Conservatory of Music (1964- )

A Conservatory complex for which Minoru Yamasaki (and Associates, of Birmingham, Mich.) was the Architect was completed over a period of time, with the Robertson Hall, housing practice rooms being the first building completed and put into use. The dedication of Warner Concert Hall was held Oct. 23, 1963 and on October 31, 1964 dedication of the whole new Conservatory complex was observed.

The John G. Ruhlin Construction Co. of Akron was the contractor for this project.

Bibbins Hall is the name given to the building housing administrative and faculty offices and studios, with a broad main entrance on West College Street.

A reflecting pool graces the enclosed courtyard between Bibbins Hall and Warner Concert Hall with entrance from South Professor Street.

A diagram of the relation of the various elements of the complex is in the Dedication folder for the Conservatory.

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