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Celebrating the 175th Anniversary of the Founding of Oberlin College:

The Presidents of Oberlin College


Henry Churchill King (1858-1934) served as Oberlin College’s sixth president from 1902-27. An Oberlin graduate (A.B. 1879), King spent 48 years in service, either in an academic or administrative role, to Oberlin College.

Oberlin Professor of English Charles A. Wagner (1869-1939) wrote of King, after his death, that “His life, his hopes, his aims are interwoven in the fabric of the College.”

Donald M. Love, in Henry Churchill King of Oberlin (New Haven, 1956), describes King’s presidential administration as that “of important transition… King’s accomplishment for Oberlin was that of the conservative who holds fast to what is good in the past and that of the progressive who presses on to the high calling of the future” (p. 249).

King’s leadership qualities were even recognized by President Woodrow Wilson. Following WWI, President Wilson requested that King and Charles R. Crane, a Chicago businessman and trustee of Robert College in Constantinople, serve on an Inter-Allied commission to the Middle East for diplomatic and American policy needs. See the College Archives’ exhibit on the King-Crane Commission for details about the commission, as well as photographs.







Henry Churchill King, Y.M.C.A. Headquarters in Paris, 1918

For a biography and more information concerning the life and career of King, see the finding guide for the Presidential Records of Henry Churchill King (2/6).

Beginning in January 2008, the Oberlin College Archives website will feature each month one of the fourteen presidents of Oberlin College (The Oberlin Collegiate Institute from 1833-1850).  For the complete listing of the presidents and the finding guides to their presidential records, see the following link: www.oberlin.edu/archive/holdings/finding/index.html.




Announcements and Other Information


2008 marks the 150th anniversary of the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue, 13 September, 1858. In honor of the anniversary, the Oberlin College Archives will feature items from the collections related to the historic anti-slavery event involving the town and the College. To see a selection of collection items in the Archives, visit http://tinyurl.com/5k8k39. Check this link periodically to see new items added to our online selection.

For information on the history of the Oberlin-Wellington Rescue and anniversary events, see the Oberlin Online Events Calendar, the Electronic Oberlin Group, and the Oberlin Heritage Center. See our outside links and the Oberlin College website.

The Archives offers two publications for sale that will assist researchers in learning more about Oberlin's antislavery activity in this historic event. Go to our Published Resources on the Home page.

The 1858 Oberlin-Wellington Rescue: A Reappraisal, by Roland M. Baumann (2003)

They Stopped in Oberlin, by William E. Bigglestone [2002 reprint]

The Rescuers at the Cuyhoga County Jail


The College Archives' 2006-07 Annual Report is available for viewing online.

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