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RG 5/4/3 - Minority Student Records
"The Catalog and Record of Colored Students"

The records of minority students at Oberlin College, located in Subgroup IV: Alumni Records, Series 3 of the Office of the Secretary (RG 5), contain statistics about Oberlin students from 1834 to 1972. "The Catalogue and Record of Colored Students" was assembled in 1972 to record and summarize the minority students who had attended Oberlin College from 1844 to 1972. This included black, Asian, American Indian, and Middle Eastern students. In 2001 an addendum to the catalogue, filling in the information for the years 1862-1899, was completed.

Available here are those sections of the catalogue that pertain to black students and graduates, 1835-1972. We have also provided a key to the abbreviations used in the records.

To explain the history and contents of the Catalogue, Archivist Roland M. Baumann wrote an introduction: "A History of Recording Black Students at Oberlin College and the Story of the Missing Record."

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